11 Ways To Kick Your Seasonal Affective Disorder In The Ass


Research shows that over millions of people around the world are affected by winter blues, which has a shrewd acronym “SAD”—also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder could strike up to any person, in any age—including children.

While I am currently struggling from the blues, I am sharing with you my techniques on how to slay it. Now one trick may work for one person, while it won’t for another. So try as much as you can and never give up until something works for you!

1. Open those damn blinds.

Although there are a lot of factors contributing to SAD aside from not getting enough sunshine, studies say that people affected from winter blues have one thing in common: sensitivity to light, or lack of it. Make sure you get your daily dose of sunlight at the right time too, which is in the morning. I personally dislike being exposed to direct sunlight. So what I do is just open the blinds or curtains and let the light come in, which I find just as effective.

2. Listen to some upbeat music.

They say that the music you listen to affects how you perceive the outside world. I am stubborn myself by listening to melancholic vibes whenever I feel down. But realize that a shift of mood is just a click away. There are a lot of music websites and apps out there, but I highly recommend 8tracks.

3. Make hot chocolate your best friend.

Not only this will help keep you warm and comfy, but chocolate adds up to feeling good inside by its serotonin releasing chemicals. Make sure it’s dark variety though. Otherwise you’ll get even more depressed when you get chunky from too much sweet treats. Green tea is an alternative that is also very helpful.

4. Don’t be a hermit.

This is apparently not the best option for introverts like me, but as long as you have at least one person to talk to, that’s more than enough. Talk it through. Cry it out. With shameless grace and confidence. You’ll feel lighten up afterwards. And don’t forget to thank that person too.

5. Discover your inner potential.

Try new things out. Build a new hobby. Like cooking, reading, dancing, blogging, or absolutely anything! It’s always nice to have your mind occupied with interesting things rather than curling up in the bed with your week-old pajamas lamenting. After all, new experiences feel rewarding.

6. Move on.

Stop from fuming and fretting. Realize that the world doesn’t stop turning when you do. Trust me, it goes on. Level up your clamoring game and put those dancing shoes on. Nobody cares if you have two left feet, everyone’s on their phone and so busy they’re not watching you.

7. Keep Moving.

I understand the tussle you have to go through when the weather is chilly and all you want to do is be lazy. You don’t even have to do your entire workout session (although it is nice), just a quick cardio or even merely organize your room, a good mood is surely to come your way.

8. Eat healthy.

I believe in the “you are what you eat” cliché. If you consume junk, chances are, you feel all gross inside. But if you stick into a good meal, then you’ll feel like an actual human being. I am not a nutritionist or dietician of any sort, but lean proteins, fatty fish, fresh veggies and fruits, and low fat dairy products are always good to go for.

9. Get the right amount of sleep.

People with SAD tend to oversleep. But having low to no energy mimics the feelings of depression, and can even spiral into full fledged depression. So if you’re feeling off, sleep it off. But don’t ever be a slugabed. Just saying…

10. Take over control on your emotions.

Master yourself. Own it. It takes a tremendous amount of practice, but your mind is powerful and very susceptible. But let me remind you that it only gives you back what you have given it. Learn some tips on how to feel grateful every single day.

11. Be connected with something spiritual.

No matter what you believe in, have huge faith in it. Give the prayer power a shot — it’s healing. You’ll be greatly astonished by the results if you just believe in it.