11 Ways To Make Money While You Travel


It would be a dream come true if international airfare and traveling were free and we could roam the world as we pleased. The unfortunate reality is that that’s not the case. Traveling long-term can get expensive over time, even if you stick to a budget. One of the best ways to travel and remain on the road is to work while you do so. Working abroad allows you to make money and extend your desired trip.

Before I graduated college, my dream trip was to spend a few weeks traveling Europe with a friend. Since my budget didn’t allow for that, I applied (and was hired) to work for a travel company in Europe, where I was based. I did marketing and tour guiding, which gave me great work experience, some extra cash, and the best part – traveling every weekend. I saved up money from a summer job to pay for those pesky international flights and was able to extend my dream trip from a few weeks into five months, and travel much more than I had originally planned.


1. Tour Guide

Being a tour guide is a great option if you’re looking to both work and travel. Do your research on tour companies around the globe and in your preferred region to travel. It usually helps if you’ve traveled in the area you’d be working in, but for some companies that’s not a requirement.

2. Teach English

This is a very popular method of working abroad. You can earn a decent salary depending on where you teach (apparently South Korea and Saudi Arabia pay very well) and the main requirements are usually a bachelor’s degree in anything plus a TESOL or TEFL certification. Sometimes a bachelor’s degree isn’t even required! You’ll get to live abroad, have a rewarding experience teaching, travel on weekends/holidays, and have the opportunity to save money if you plan on continuing to travel after.

3. Blogger

If you have a profitable blog, you can work anywhere with internet. While many blogs don’t earn money, there is a decent amount that do – and some earn enough to fund travel. Just make sure you have plans to keep up with your blog before you take off, so that you don’t lose readers/advertisers/sponsors – they drive your source of income.

4. Freelancer

Freelancing is another way to keep your funds up. Depending on the gig(s), what you get paid per piece and the amount of freelancing you’re doing could be enough to stay afloat while you travel. Problogger is one of many resources that has a job board for freelance writers, but you could also freelance graphic design, social media, etc.

5. Remote Work

Going off of the above two, if going remote with your current job is doable, then you have the comfort of keeping your current position while not being tied to a home base.

6. Work At A Hostel

If you are drawn to one particular city then consider working at a hostel. Whether you do front desk work, cooking, or bartending, you have the opportunity to earn money and/or live at the hostel for free. Plus, you’ll constantly be meeting new travelers as they come and go!

7. Au Pair

If you enjoy being around children, being an au pair (live-in nanny) could be a decent a way to live and work abroad. You’d live with a host family, take care of the kids while their parents are away, and learn/speak a new language.

8. Bartender/Server

Depending on work permits, serving at a restaurant or bartending is a great way to earn some extra cash while you travel. This will give you international hospitality experience, too.

9. Work Away

With Work Away you won’t be making money, but you will receive food and accommodation in exchange for work. Since food and accommodation are often the larger expenses of travel your previously saved money will last longer. There are a number of Work Away jobs to apply for all over the world.


WWOOF is similar to Work Away, but specifically geared toward working on organic and sustainable farms. You’ll receive food and accommodation in exchange for work on the farm. There are opportunities all over the globe!

11. Work on a Cruise Ship

There are a wide variety of job opportunities available on cruise ships, and if you like the sea, then this could be a great option for you. Cruise companies are all over the world, and since you’d be living on the boat, you’d go wherever the boat goes. Check out this job board for opportunities available on cruise ships.