11 Ways To Monitor Your Alcohol Consumption


1. Sip slower (this isn’t a guzzling contest)

You’ve ordered a drink and before you know it, you’re dropping another 15 bucks on the next one. What is this a race to the finish line? Slow. Down.

2. Don’t keep it at home

Out of sight, out of mind. Sure, it’s okay to enjoy a glass or two of wine at home after a long days work, but it might be contributing to too much alcohol consumption. Not to mention that in addition to your purchases at the bar, you are racking up more unnecessary receipts from the local liquor store.
If you don’t buy it, you won’t try it.

3. Quit the Pre-game

Ah the infamous pre-game. Sometimes if you engage in this activity, you find yourself hammered before you leave the front door. Try some seltzer instead or just one shot instead of three.

4. Notice your recycling

It’s Sunday morning, you are taking out your recycling, and it’s all bottles. Red flags all around. This is a clear sign that you might be drinking too much. Notice what you recycle, and it’ll give you new insight.

5. Try it for one night as an experiment

If you are adventurous and like to try new things, why not cease drinking for one night? Give it a try, and see how you feel. Couldn’t hurt.

6. Start with the light stuff

If you are a fan of shots and hard liquor, save that for later in the evening. Try beer or wine first.

7. Set a limit

Go out drinking one night and notice your tolerance level. Remember, 5 glasses of wine is about a bottle’s worth. Try drinking 1 drink instead of 3 or 3 drinks instead of 6. Don’t worry; you’ll still have fun.

8. Change your mindset

If you’re sick of being unproductive because of drinking, try only drinking on the weekends or with friends. Make a goal to not drink Monday-Thursday and notice if your productivity levels change. It might help you change your habits and your mindset.

9. Know that you don’t need “liquid courage”

Try getting on the dance floor or talking to someone you’re attracted to after only having one drink. You might surprise yourself. You don’t need to be hammered to have a great time and let your inhibitions down. Mind over matter.

10. The 21 day rule

People believe that you can make or break habits by practicing for 21 days. Figure out an easy plan that works for you and try it. If you succeed, it won’t hurt to reward yourself with a little day-drinking with friends.

11. Try coffee on a date instead of drinks

It is perfectly fine to suggest a coffee date instead of drinks at a bar. Sometimes drinking clouds judgment anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised at how engaging you can be without drinking, making the date all that more fun. Or you might realize right away that you shouldn’t spend another second of your life with this person. Either way, it’s a win-win.

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