11 Ways To Support The Boss Girls In Your Life


When I was in middle school (that was back in the glorious mid-2000s for those who insist on a time reference), there was this odd notion that you were much cooler if you had more guy friends than girlfriends.

That was never really me.

Women have always far outweighed men in my life. I mean, I grew up with two sisters (no brothers), four girl cousins (one boy cousin), and three aunts (two uncles). And in school, I always remember having many more girlfriends than guy friends.

But in a world where movies are framed to display women fighting each other over some guy and petty catfights between female celebrities are all that catches the media’s attention, we’ve somehow forgotten one very important thing: Women actually love and support each other. (Shocking, I know.)

In case you too have forgotten (it’s okay, you’re forgiven), here are the beautiful ways you awesome ladies can love and support the boss girls in your life:

1. Tell her ‘I’m proud of you.’

Powerful women love powerful women. And they’re not afraid to show it. So tell your girl exactly why you’re so proud of her—whether it’s for achieving a lifelong dream, for managing to get out of bed when she’s struggling with depression, or for just being her awesome self.

2. Don’t judge her.

You’re a boss girl and boss girls don’t have time for judgment. Of course you just want what’s best for your girl, but you understand that messing up is a part of life. And what’s important is how she picks herself up again. (You’ll give her a hand with that if she needs it.)

3. Tell her “Your happiness is more important to me than _____.”

Sometimes she’s going to be in a sticky situation—at work, with a partner, with her family. And you’re going to help her get through it. But always remind her of this: she is your number one priority. No matter how much you liked her partner or how much you respect her parents, you want her to do what makes her happy—no conditions apply.

4. Always be there for her, no matter how busy your schedule gets.

Being a boss girl comes with a busy schedule at times. But you know that being there for your friends is just as important as rocking that meeting on Monday morning. So you always make time for the awesome women in your life, whether it’s a quick breakfast before work, a sweet voice message on WhatsApp, or a long FaceTime call in the evening.

5. Celebrate her.

Your girl just got promoted at work! She just learned how to make a delicious pie! She helped you get free drinks at the bar! No achievement is too small or too big. Your boss girl is awesome and you want to celebrate it.

6. Always be on her side…

Whether she wants to become president, be a stay-at-home mom, or travel the world, you are always on her side. You support her, you believe in her and you want to see her succeed in what makes her happy.

7. …But also tell it like it is.

Your boss girl has no time for sugar coating. The truth hurts sometimes, but everyone needs to hear it. Be honest and be kind. She’ll always thank you for it.

8. Keep your eye out for new opportunities for her…

Whether it’s a cool workshop, a job opportunity, a fabulous sale or a newly single friend—you’re always looking for ways to help your boss girl succeed in life. You’ll encourage her to pursue these opportunities because when she’s happy, you’re happy too.

9. …And put in a good word for her.

You know how awesome your girl is, so of course you’ll want to brag about her—to colleagues, friends, networking connections, your barista, everyone!

10. Do not be afraid to tell her how much you admire her.

There is no room for jealousy or competition between powerful women. You know your girl is amazing and you’ll always tell her that (especially when she really needs to hear it).

11. Believe in her.

This is the most important thing you can do for her. Your boss girl is awesome, but she’s also human. Sometimes she will be sad, unmotivated, self-conscious or insecure. And that’s when she needs you most, fellow boss girl, to believe in her and her amazing potential.