11 Weirdly Satisfying (And Sometimes Gross) Things Best Friends Do Without Even Realizing It


I’ve said it before and I will say it again: women are beautiful, magical witches who can combine their powers to make anything possible. Here are some of the charmed ways in which we help one another (mostly for the oddly satisfying benefit that comes with the act itself), and, in turn, help make the world a better, more magical place for weirdos like us.

1. Pop each other’s pimples.

“Oh my god, can I do it?”

2. Tuck each other’s tags.

“You have a tag sticking out, let me—”

3. Reposition each other’s bra straps and out-of-place underwear.

“Your bra strap is twisted. No don’t— okay. Let me. Come on. No the right side!”

4. Get each other’s stray hairs.

You tweeze, preen, pluck, wax— whatever the method, you get those damn hairs off your friend or place them in their rightful place. You get eyelashes and make wishes with them like you’re cheesy rom-com lover idiots. Bonus points if you tell your friend when her mustache is coming in; real friends let their friends know about matronly mustache growth.

5. Fix each other’s makeup.


6. Turn around each other’s necklaces.

*stares at friend’s chest*
“What? Are my nipples being weird?”
“No—well let me check..okay, no. Your necklace is on backwards.”

7. Watch each other try to imitate an impossible dance move.

*Secretly records entire attempt*
*Posts to Instagram*
*Is forced to delete*
*Plays it for friends at parties when the other isn’t looking*

8. Force each other to eat disgustingly good food.

“You’re not getting anything? Okay. I’ll just get the grande nachos and you can watch. What? WE’LL SHARE!”

9. Adjust each other’s boobs.

*Talks about your boobs with the term “they,” as if they are another person and we are their stylists*

10. Play with each other’s hair and assess it to death.

“You need a trim. But I do love this color. Do you use sulfate-free shampoo? Girl you need to get on th— hey, do you know how to french braid? Yeah, I’m serious. Switch with me. Pleeeaaaaassssseee—”

11. Go to the big bathroom stall just to talk while peeing.

Why waste valuable public restroom stalls when you can talk trash in one together? Save the environment. Never pee alone.