12 Bizarrely Real Laws About Love And Romance In The US That You Can’t Believe Were Passed


In the land of the free, there are actually a lot of strange laws that don’t make sense. Of course, some of these laws are outdated and not exactly still reinforced, but some of them, sadly, are still the ways of the land—and impacting your love life.

One recent case brought up a weird law made news headlines back in May when a 44-year-old Georgia resident named Melissa Davenport filed a lawsuit against Georgia’s law prohibiting the sale of sex toys. Currently, the only way a person in Georgia can purchase a sex toy is if it was used medically or scientifically, educationally, legislatively or for a law enforcement purpose. This situation is very important to Davenport because she has multiple sclerosis so she and her husband use sex toys to keep their intimacy going. Davenport’s lawyer claims that this law violates the 14th Amendment, which says a state cannot deprive anyone of life, liberty, or property.

This is not the only law that can have effect on your love life. There are plenty of crazy laws in many other states that would probably penalize a lot of citizens if they were all taken as seriously as Georgia’s sex toy ban.

Check out below to see what you may be guilty of!

  1. Getting married on a dare is grounds for an annulment in DE. We can only imagine what that couple was like to set a precedent for this law…
  2. It’s illegal to allow premarital sex in one’s home in Colorado. Colorado residents need to lay down some ground rules for those guests that don’t have a ring on their finger!
  3. You can’t teach others what polygamy is in Mississippi. Does this law mean Mississippi doesn’t show “My Five Wives”?
  4. Flirtation and “lascivious banter” is punishable in Arkansas. This law is most likely an old one and overlooked, but the law states that one can go to jail for 30 days just for flirting in this state.
  5. You can’t “settle lover quarrels” using magic in New Orleans. OK so it’s not magic exactly, but the law lists fortune telling, astrology or palmistry being prohibited. So put away the fortune cards and talk it out people!
  6. A man can’t seduce and corrupt a single lady in Michigan. But how would anyone fall in love? We kid! A weird law in Michigan states that a man can get five years for doing this.
  7. Homosexuality can’t be included in sex ed in Louisiana. Sadly there are many laws in the US that shows prejudice against the LGBT community, but one that is definitely ridiculous is this one in Louisiana. Sex education is already terrible in this country, why make it even worse by creating laws that censor important parts of the subject?
  8. Married couples can’t engage in “lewdness behavior” in Florida. Oh Florida, you should perhaps look past what married couples are doing and focus more on some of those crazy citizens that continue to make national headlines.
  9. You can’t kiss a sleeping woman in Logan County, Colorado. This law actually makes sense in a way because you can’t give consent while you’re asleep, but it’s weird that this doesn’t extend to men as well.
  10. It’s illegal to sell sex toys in many areas. Believe it or not to this day, some states are trying to keep citizens from getting their freak on with sex toys. Alabama has a law that prohibits selling products that are “primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs” in order to protect public morality. The entire state of Alabama and Georgia along with parts of Texas, Maine, New Mexico and more prohibit selling these devices because they are categorized as “obscene.”
  11. It’s illegal to have sex in a car without curtains in NM. If there is a new trend for teens in Carlsbad, New Mexico to have curtains in their car, we now know the reason why…
  12. It’s illegal for men to be aroused in public in Indiana. Sorry Indiana guys, but you need to keep your arousal in check when you’re outdoors thanks to this law.

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