12 Freaking HILARIOUS 90s Comedies You Should Binge Watch Over Break


Well SHIT. Now that Christmas is over and you are already so #bored at your parent’s place, where you’re basically trapped until the middle of January when school kicks back in, what are you going to DO with yourself? Yes, you could hang out with those idiots you went to high school with but is that a good idea? The reality is that you’re probably just going to be sitting around the house in your PJs eating cookies, which is fine. Here are 12 90s comedies to watch over break that will make the time pass so much faster.

1. B.A.P.S


B.A.P.S. is Halle Berry’s crowning cinematic achievement.

2. Party Girl


“You want Lebanese delight?” “Sure, bring it out.”

3. Clerks


A comedy classic.

4. Clueless


I was TOTALLY the Amber of my high school. Which one were you?

5. Boomerang


Featuring sultry performances by Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt. Get into it.

6. Sister Act


What happens when a black lady shows a bunch of white people how to sing for the Lord!

7. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


Yeah, baby, yeah.

8. American Pie


LOL remember that time your parents caught you masturbating in your childhood bedroom?

9. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion


If only high school reunions were this glamorous.

10. To Wong Foo



11. Office Space


Just a subtle reminder what you have to face when work/school/etc kicks back in after the New Year.

12. There’s Something About Mary


Can a crush last 13 years?

image – B.A.P.S.