12 Girls Dish On The Traits That Make Guys Super-Sexy


Found on AskReddit.

1. Clumsiness

Clumsiness. I have no idea why I just find it adorable. When on my first date with my wife she knocked over a shelf of meteorites at the museum and I knew I had to have her forever.

2. Gracefulness.

When they move gracefully in EVERYTHING they do. I am like the opposite of people who like clumsiness: I like when a guy walks with grace, knows how to dance, always catches things and so on.

I guess it is not odd, just the importance it has to me is a little weird.

3. Laziness.

This is really weird…but sloth? As in the characteristic, not the animal.

The type of guy that grumbles about getting out of bed then wraps himself like a burrito in the comforter and goes downstairs to make coffee and grumbles every step of the way. Then when he gets home from work puts on sweatpants and grabs a beer then doesn’t move till 3am.

Something is wrong with the fact that I think laziness is adorable :\

4. Swagger.

Their walk. Like…Charlie Hunnam’s, for example. I thought his whole ‘tough guy’ walk on Sons of Anarchy was just something he did for Jax’s character, but he actually walks that way, and I find it so fucking sexy. But even before him and that show, I’ve always paid attention to someone’s walk.

5. Arrogance.

Dudes that are super arrogant are hot af. Can’t give an explanation, but I will say that it’s not true for everyone. My ex-bf, for instance, is super fucking arrogant and I fucking loved it, but I know a few other cocky dudes who I just want to slap upside the scrote. With my foot.

6. Cockiness.

Cockiness. Guys who are hot and know it and knowingly take advantage of it.

7. Coldness.

I tend to find people that are cruel and cold attractive, but I would never want to actually be with someone like that. Then again, my husband is a bit on the “cold” side.

8. Nerdiness.

I love it when a guy is extremely shy or socially awkward, and if they’re a huge video game nerd. An ACTUAL nerd not the ones you see on Tumblr.

9. Coyness.

My boyfriend is very coy when it comes to asking for sex. And just being overly respectful and around the bush about certain things in general. I have no idea why, but I love it. Especially after being with guys who are pretty blunt and aggressive about it.

10. Soulfulness.

Their aura/soul whatever you want to call it. I just don’t give two fucks if I don’t feel an instant click honestly.

Or just them smiling and laughing, I couldn’t give two shits about anything else other than these two things honestly.

Then again I’m weird.

11. Expressiveness.

I don’t care if you’re classically attractive or not, show me some feeling! I want to see your expression change when you tell a joke, roll your eyes, look over at me slyly, give me the “fuck me” face, feel guilty or sheepish.

I love it!

12. Shamefulness.

Guys being embarrassed.
My weapon for landing hotties is wit. I have resting bitch face, so guys are often caught off guard when i lay down a good-natured dig. That amused, surprised, slightly embarrassed look…uuuuuuuuuunf