12 Helpful Things You Can Say To Someone With Anxiety


1. “Is there anything I can do right now to help?”

2. “I might not understand exactly what you’re going through, but I want you to know I support you.”

3. “I love you.”

4. “I’ll always be here for you. I want you to know that.”

5. “I’m not giving up on you when things get tough.”

6. “Your anxiety doesn’t define you.”

7. “Let’s take things day by day.”

8. “You don’t have to text me back. Just letting you know I care about you and appreciate you.”

9. “I’m really sorry today is difficult.”

10. “You don’t need to apologize for this. You’re not doing anything wrong.”

11. “I’m not going anywhere.”

12. “You can always count on me. Lean on me whenever you need.”