12 Influential Christians Who Are Left-Wingers


1. Barack Obama

Born to an atheist father and a Christian mother (whom he described as detached from her religion, but the most spiritually awakened person he’s ever known), there has been much debate about his religious beliefs and whether or not he has any. Officially he’s a Protestant Christian, and in an interview with Christianity Today he said, “I am Christian and a devout Christian.” His social and political views are without question Democratic and liberal. If he is really a Christian, he definitely also believes in secularism.

2. Stephen Colbert

Despite being a practicing Catholic and teacher at Sunday school, the soon-to-be new host of The Late Show (currently hosted by David Letterman) is well known for his left-wing views. He has described himself as a Democrat and stated that he has no problem with Republicans, just Republican policies. Colbert currently hosts The Colbert Report, where he plays a political commentator whose persona mocks right-wing cable personalities such as Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

3. Nicole Kidman

Stating one of the reasons for her divorce with actor Tom Cruise as not wanting the children to be raised as Scientologists, Kidman is a devout Catholic who once told Entertainment Weekly that the Catholic Church is part of her essence and her beliefs would prevent her from taking a role in a movie that she perceived as anti-Catholic. Despite being a Catholic, the actress has donated numerous times to US Democratic Party candidates. Her most notable donations were made to Hillary Clinton’s US Senate campaign in 2000.

4. Michael Moore

The filmmaker, author, social critic, and political activist is known for his hatred of almost all right-wing politics and philosophy. He dismisses globalization, the American healthcare system, and even capitalism, a system from which he’s made a very good living. Moore also says he disagrees with key church teachings that are against same-sex marriage and abortion. Despite all that, he’s a Catholic.

5. Hillary Clinton

Hillary is a devout Methodist. Unlike Barack Obama, and perhaps surprising to some on the left, Hillary often mentions her faith, but she uses it to aid her left-wing views. During a debate on illegal immigration in 2011, Hillary stated that the Republican policy would “Criminalize the good Samaritans….and even Jesus himself.” She defended gay and lesbian rights by saying, “People cite religious and cultural beliefs as a reason to violate or not to protect the human rights of LGBT citizens. This is not unlike the justification offered for violent practices towards women.”

6. Piers Morgan

The journalist and former host of Piers Morgan Live on CNN is very left-leaning. Despite being raised Catholic and sticking strong with his faith, Morgan has left-wing views on and is supportive of gun control, homosexuality, and higher taxes on the rich. His liberal tendencies often came out on his former CNN show. When asked by hardline Christian actor Kirk Cameron what Morgan would do if his son told him he was gay, he stated, “I’d say, that’s great son, as long as you’re happy.”

7. Tom Hanks

Hanks has experienced and been exposed to many flavors of Christianity but has most recently settled on Greek Orthodox, his wife’s religion. Despite his apparent belief in God and weekly church attendance, he is a hardcore Democrat and liberal. He has backed gay marriage, alternative energy, and environmentalism. He is a strong supporter of Barack Obama. Hanks also starred in the The Da Vinci Code, which many feel was an anti-Christian movie.

8. Denzel Washington

Washington is a devout Pentecostal Christian who has always supported the Democrats. Born into a religious family, with his father a Pentecostal preacher, the actor has been happily married to the same woman since 1983 (a rarity in Hollywood).

9. Mark Wahlberg

The Hollywood actor is a devout Catholic. After a rough childhood that included doing time for a race-related assault and battery, Wahlberg turned his life around and claims that he owes most of it to his faith. He says, “Being a Catholic is the most important aspect of my life.” While the actor has not given us much to go on to determine just how liberal or conservative he might be generally, he has donated all of his campaign money to democratic candidates and supported Barack Obama in his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

10. Will Smith

Smith was raised as a Baptist, and despite calling himself a student of all religions, the actor maintains that he is a Christian. He quashed rumors about his involvement in Scientology by saying, “You don’t have to be a Scientologist to be a friend of Tom Cruise.” Smith is a strong supporter of President Obama, having appeared at various fundraisers for him and contributed to his campaigns.

11. Miley Cyrus

The good-girl-gone-bad thanks Jesus whenever she gets the chance. She was baptized in a Baptist church and said in an interview, “I am very spiritual in my own way. Let me make it clear, though—I am a Christian. Jesus is who saved me. He’s what keeps me full and whole.” Despite these words, her lifestyle and views are far more liberal. She defends same-sex marriage: “How is banning gay marriage any different than having somebody sit at the back of a bus because of their skin color?” The former star of her own Disney show filmed scenes at various Occupy Wall Street camps around the country to create the music video to her song “Liberty Walk.” She has participated in “raunchy” videos and smokes a lot of weed, saying, “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake.” Hardly the most conservative Christian around.

12. Joe Biden

The US vice president is, unsurprisingly, a Democrat. He seems like your classic conformist. A devout Catholic who is happy to conform to his party’s very secular views on society. On abortion, he said “My religion defines who I am. I’ve been a practicing Catholic my whole life. I accept my Church’s position on abortion. Life begins at conception. That’s the Church’s judgment. I accept it in my personal life. But I refuse to impose it on equally devout Christians and Muslims and Jews—I just refuse to impose it on others.” Aside from the occasional offhand comments, Biden takes the standard Democratic view on gun control, gay marriage, higher taxes on the wealthy, expansion of government, etc. He’s a model (Catholic) Democrat, keeping his beliefs to himself while going with the left-wing flow.