12 Moments You’ll Recognize When You Know You’re Pretty Smart, But Also Low-Key Stupid


1. You go from intensely debating the news to being completely baffled, all because of something small like someone throwing in a political reps name.

2. People are frequently worried about what embarrassing thing you’ll do next. ie: You’ve been known to quack at birds. Yes literally quack. You don’t care if it’s a duck or a geese or any other type of bird. You see a bird and you quack.

3. You are good at your job. You finish your work twice as fast as your counterparts. But, if anyone were to ask you exactly what you did or how you achieved your results, you often respond with something along the lines of…because I’m a genius, duh.

4. You see those signs: Caution, Hot: Don’t touch! And yet your hand always makes its way. YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW. IS THE SIGN CORRECT? And exactly how hot are we talking? You think after the 4th time you’d learn and yet…

5. The same applies for signs warning about danger. It’s not because you’re stupid, but because you’re adventurous, duh.

6. You got high test scores, but never did well in school due to all the homework assignments you finished, but managed to forget at home.

7. There’s always a million thoughts running through your head. The result: interrupting conversations about global warming to point out the shiny object and being genuinely confused when others don’t seem as excited by said shiny thing.

8. You’ve heard the phrase, “You’re smarter than I expected,” multiple times.

9. You’ve also heard the phrase, “You’re more silly or down to earth than I expected.”

10. People are constantly surprised by how good you are at cheating on tests/homework. They tell you to redirect that intellectual power towards studying.

11. You can whip up a fancy dish, but have no idea the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork.

12. You can be working a grown up job, making a grown up salary, and are still unsure how to manage your finances and what a 401k is.