12 People On The Biggest Dating Mistake They’ve Made So Far In 2017


1. “Not putting in more of an effort into meeting people in real life. And not bars. I’m talking meet up groups, sports leagues, the kind of places where you can talk to someone soberly and see if you actually get along. A lot of my friends have had luck that way but I’ve just been too hesitant and ‘busy’ to put in the time.”

–Annie, 25

2. “Introducing her to my family before she was ready. (My family is a lot.)”

–Brandon, 30

3. “Subtly putting a timeline on when I would need to meet someone by, without really admitting to myself that that is what I was doing.”

–Charly, 29

4. “Waiting too long to text this really great girl after we had a great date because I didn’t want to seem overly enthusiastic. Waited a week to text her, she was obviously over it by then.”

–Jack, 27

5. “Taking my ex back (after she dumped me) because I was lonely and not because I missed her. It only stuck again for a month, but it set me back so much. I had made so much progress and then that eradicated it all.”

–Mack, 23

6. “Staying with my (now ex) boyfriend because I was too scared to start out the new year single and alone and stuff. That whole ‘new year’ thing really gets to you and I was panicked that if I broke up with him, it would mean that the whole year would be that bad. But I broke it off (because it was not right), and I’m still getting used to it and healing, but I also feel an incredibly HUGE relief too.”

–Bina, 24

7. “Not talking about it more with people. It can be really frustrating and I’ve always tried to play it off with humor but I’ve recently started airing my frustrations with friends and they’ve been so supportive and even though they can’t solve the problem, they give me a great sympathetic ear to listen, and it really takes some weight off your shoulders.”

–Kristie, 26

8. “Going down a ‘life comparison spiral’ every time another person announced their engagement on Facebook/Insta and making myself feel panicked that I wasn’t also in their shoes and engaged already. I’ve ruined a lot of Sunday’s already by doing this.”

–Reese, 27

9. “Dating apps.”

–Kathleen, 24

10. “Dating a coworker.”

–Ethan, 29

11. “Staying on a ‘bad date’ to be polite, even if the guy was a douche.”

–Meagan, 23

12. “Not having more fun with it. I keep putting way too much pressure on myself, and that makes me hate it and it makes dating feel like a chore. So my quarter-way-through-the-year resolution is to just relax a bit.”

–Mel, 24