12 People Reveal The One Thing That Truly Helped Them Heal Their Broken Hearts


1. Traveling

“I traveled like a hippie after my ex and I broke up and it just soothed me. When you travel, you really distance yourself from all reminders and you meet amazing people along the way. You realize there’s so much more to life than a boy who broke your heart.”  — Denise, 27

2. I Did My Part

“I honestly just looked back on the whole relationship and felt like I was an amazing boyfriend and I did everything I could do to make her happy. So it was easy for me to move on when I realized that I gave her my all.” — John, 24

3. Romantic Movies

“Call me crazy but I watched all of the romantic movies you can think of, it honestly gave me hope that someone out there could treat me so much better and be crazy about me.” — Anna, 22

4. Friends

“My friends literally saved my life, they took me out, they planned trips and they made sure to remind me of how amazing the single life can be.” — Brian, 26

5. Thank God For Facebook

“As soon as I updated my relationship status to single, my inbox was flooded with messages from different guys asking me out! It felt so good to know that other guys actually want me instead of dwelling on the one who doesn’t.” —Marie, 25

6. I Fought For Her

“Honestly after we broke up, I kept talking to her and trying to work things out but she was still hesitant. I was relieved knowing that at least I tried to win her back and give our love a second chance but she didn’t.” — Kyle, 27

7. I Turned To God

“I don’t think anyone can heal your heartbreak except for God. I just kept praying to God to make the pain easier and make me forget him and find someone better. Slowly but surely I found my way back to happiness and back to love.” — Lisa, 28

8. Comedy Saved Me.

“I started going to a lot of comedy shows and watching a lot of stand-up comedy. Nothing cures a broken heart more than laughter in my opinion. There’s a reason why comedians are now more important than ever.” —Doug, 24

9. I Bought A Puppy

“I read this article that mentioned that dogs really helped cured depression so I just bought one because I was so desperate and it turned out to be the best decision of my life! Now I can’t imagine my life without my little one! He’s everything to me.” — Katie, 26

10. I Dated The Girl Who Always Loved Me

“A lot of people told me not to but I honestly just wanted to feel loved, we’re still together by the way, sometimes it takes the wrong girl to open up your eyes to the right one that was there all along.” — Josh, 25

11. Nothing Mom Can’t Fix

“I moved back with my parents when my boyfriend and I broke up, just being surrounded by mom and her warmth and kindness made me feel that the world is still okay and it definitely helped me avoid a major depression because when you live alone, it makes it so much harder.” — Hannah, 26

12. It’s All In Your Head

“Cliché or not, it’s the truth, once you realize that the nights you spend heartbroken or sad over a girl could be spent doing something fun or productive, you’ll automatically change your perspective on the whole thing. It’s all in your head and you can control how you respond to your heartbreak. Choose strength and happiness.” — Dan, 27.