12 Perfect Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Blogger


There have been a lot of articles or posts on falling in love with a doctor, traveler, banker, teacher etc. but what about falling in love with a blogger. Yes I have written different articles on being in love with different professionals. Now it is important I write about my profession and why it is fun and cool to fall in love with a blogger. Here are 12 impeccable reasons why you should fall in love with a blogger.

1. We are great with words

Words are our thing. Our texts and emails are long because we think you deserve all the words we know.

2. We stick to deadlines

We know what deadlines mean because this is our stuff. If you give us a deadline to meet a goal in the relationship, we will attain it. Yes we know how to prioritize, focus and delegate to reach our goals in a relationship.

3. Love can be addictive to us

Just like coffee and our addiction to concentrate on computer screens, falling in love can be an addictive affair for us.

4. We may not want you to read what we write

We can be selfish with our writings especially to those who are close to us. However we want to know that you desire to read our work.

5. We are connected to other blogs

Check our Twitter or Facebook accounts and you will see that we know loads of other bloggers. We actually treasure such relationships that are made online. We simply believe that as a blogger we are better than other bloggers out there. Call it a sense of pride!

6. Work is fun, fun is work

We are always with our mobile device or laptop not to simply scroll through Instagram and Twitter for fun, but to find what juicy topic to blog about. Yes you may think we are having fun, but we are working and this can be hard for you to comprehend.

7. We are independent

We think for ourselves and wouldn’t burden you with the task of thinking for us. In fact we are innovative and will bring a lot of creative ideas into the relationship. Truth is that in long term, you will appreciate us as an asset rather than a liability.

8. We have solid self-esteem

Perhaps this is because we are independent and resourceful, but we really are confident about who we are and what we bring into the relationship.

9. We appreciate our indoor moments

We may be caught working all day in pajamas and eating ramen noodles, but what matters is that we love what we do. We are so passionate about our work we will stay indoors the whole day making something out of that blog post. And this is good for the relationship because we will cherish those indoor moments and closure with you.

10. We don’t have multiple relationships

Sincerely while we would have loved to socialize and get in touch with others, it is something we cannot do. We are too busy with our work that we have time for only one relationship.

11. We are patient

Bloggers are not looking for quick and cheap results, rather we know that patience always pay off eventually. This is why we will stick with you in the relationship out of patience and understanding the possibility of what great things will come out of it.

12. We will dedicate our best blog post to you

There is always that time when we can offer you something special. It could be on your birthday, our anniversary of being together, what matters is that we will always present to you our words that will make you cherish us forever.