12 Pieces Of Movie History You Can Own Right Now!


1. A life-sized screen used Terminator that talks and plays music. The shipping might get you, though.

2. The saw that Cary Elwes used to cut off his leg at the end of Saw!

3. The crate the velociraptors were kept in on Jurassic Park. What a perfect way to spend your income tax money for the rest of your life.

4. Remember Hook? You can own a screen used model of Captain Hook’s boat for the cost of a used Honda Civic.

5. You can own everyone’s favorite Gremlin…from the sequel.

6. Technically it’s not a movie, but how cool would it be to own the fly swat Walter White used on Breaking Bad?

7. I’m no historian, but it would seem more financially responsible just to dive down to the actual Titanic site and look for a chair. No? That’s stupid you say? Ok, fair enough.

8. Are you missing a centerpiece for your living room? You just found it!

9. There’s not much of a description on this one other than informing us that it lights up. I’m sold!

10. The only thing better than owning Jacob’s pants from Twilight, would be owning Jared’s pants from Subway.

11. This is a fully running 1962 Mercury Comet used on Mad Men signed by the cast. Haven’t you always wanted an autographed car?

12. Want to do Halloween right? Get a screen used costume from Buffy