12 Possible Names For Harper Lee’s New Book


Good news book fans and other types of nerds. Harper Lee, the famous racist author who tricked the world into reading the n-word, and former granddaughter of General Robert E. Lee, the man who invented slavery, has announced that after nearly 70 years of ignoring her duties as a woman of letters, she’s releasing another novel – a sequel to her famous work To Kill A Mockingbird. While the details aren’t finalized, here’s a list of possible title names that were leaked during the Sony hack:

1) 2 Kill 2 Mockingbird
2) Son of Dawn Of Mockingbird
3) Revenge Of A Mockingbird
4) Paul Walk A Mockingbird
5) 2 Kill 2 Mockingbird: Tokyo Drift
6) 2 Kill 2 Mock2Bird2: 2Kyo Drift
7) 22 2222 2 22222222222 (but the 2’s look like the letters in to kill a mockingbird)
8) Mockingbird 2: Scout 2 Lunch
9) Air Bud: Ni****r Rover
10) Turtles In Time To Kill
11) Star Wars: Jar Jar’s Adventures
12) ISIS_burning_jordanian_pilot.mp4