12 Quick Things To Boost Your Life


I love doing tiny things that make life better. 

Science says happiness isn’t about the few big things as much as it is about the million little things. So I have lots of little things. It’s kind of like LifeHacks… but we’re not hacking anything. We’re just living.

Here’s 12 things to do to make life more fun:

1. I have a second toothbrush & toothpaste set in the shower. It’s pure luxury for $5 and you can take longer showers when you’re in a rush.

2. Breathe into the belly. Everyone has said to do it, but now I do it and it’s amazing.

3. Choose the best available option without researching too much. The more you know the less satisfied you’ll be. This is true in small choices like picking a iPhone case to buy and big ones like your girlfriend, your car, the place you live. Less is more. 

4. Focus on systems instead of goals. When I set fitness goals I always stop going to the gym and start eating terribly. I don’t know why. When I create a system of “I will eat this every day and go to the gym every day” then I do it and I get in shape. It’s the same with everything. Writing, loving the people in my life, business…

5. Stop watching shitty movies. There are a million masterpieces.

5.5 Stop watching “masterpieces” you think are shitty. It’s stupid to try to be smart like that.

6. Stop reading mediocre books. Same thing.

7. Smile for no reason. Feels dumb… and good.

8. Have multiple books going at the same time. 

9. Take a week where I don’t consume any content and only write.

10. Get off Facebook for a month (and not announce it).

11. Go on a road trip to Nowhere.

12. Talk to a stranger.

Okay. This is already too many. Just do one of these things. I promise results.

But I don’t guarantee anything.

That’s #13.