12 Reasons Why A Girl Who Loves Her Freedom Will Date You Differently


There are many different types of loves, and many different ways to love. After talking to a few girls in love with their own freedom and independence there are few common threads in how they think they love different because of their own love of freedom and how their approach to love is unique.

1. A girl who loves freedom finds the whole idea of needing someone absurd. It is the ultimate defeat. A girl who experiences and lives with real freedom is so in love with it that she never wants to let it go. That is our most fatal flaw. We are terrified of giving ourselves the chance to not be completely in control.

2. A girl who loves her freedom will love you differently but that doesn’t mean she will love you any less. She will love you till the end of the earth because she firmly believes real love is our ability to be free.

3. A girl who loves her freedom needs you to understand her need for change. She needs you to be able to drop everything at once and hop on that flight with her, but a girl who need her freedom also needs you to understand her when she texts you to say she’s gone away for a bit. She will often need her own space, and for her, asking to be left alone does not always mean she’s mad.

4. A girl who loves her freedom can never be your possession. She will be fully in your life like a force like you’ve never felt before but she will never be fully yours. A part of her will always be hidden, kept to herself.

5. A girl who loves freedom has fallen in love with herself and the world around her first. She knows that the world does not revolve around you and her, but that does not mean she doesn’t want the world for you.

6. A girl who loves freedom will love you in tidal waves. She doesn’t understand a life without adventure and adrenaline and she cannot understand a love without a burning fire at its core. She will will not love you tamely. She will love you with all of her. The way she lives her life is an all or nothing game and her love will reflect this. She has no leave medium to express her love. It’s a burning desire or nothing at all.

7. A girl who loves her freedom will never try to control you, she will never try and tell you what to do. She understands that living involves making your own choices and mistakes. She will love you through them all, a tangled and messy past has got her here today and she wants the same experiences for you. She will accept your decisions more, whatever they may be, for she will want you to accept her decisions even the small minute ones.

10. A girl who loves freedom will have lived a lot, experienced a lot, but don’t let that intimidate you. Her love for you will be a whole new experience and she will love the innocence that gives her. The feeling of unknowingness is one of her favorites.

11. A girl who loves freedom will love you in such a way that makes you feel free. She will give you space more freely because that is what she expects in return. We know that especially in the beginning of relationships all a couple want is each other, all the time. But we also understand that that is not healthy for either part of the relationship and that space and freedom is the best way to ensure a lasting love.

12. A girl who loves freedom carries her home within herself so don’t expect her love for you to be in only one place. She understands your paths in life may not always overlap, and there may be times that she leaves you. A girl who loves freedom is a wild thing, let her live, laugh and roam free on her own terms and she is sure to come back to you. Love is a freedom and if she loves you she will freely choose you.