12 Signs You And Your Job Are Basically ‘In A Relationship’


1. Your social media pages are clustered with excessive posts about work; pictures at work, statuses about work, funny things one of your coworkers said at work…

2. You have cancelled numerous plans with your long lost friends to stay late, go in early, or catch up on things you just “really need to get done.”

3. Even in your limited time off you find yourself surrounded with job related pastimes. Company softball team? Sure. Holiday party planning committee? Absolutely.

4. Your favorite question to be asked is “so what do you do?” so you can ramble on incessantly for 5-10 minutes when the person was just hoping for a one word answer.

5. But, when it comes to your job, you are virtually incapable of ever giving a one word answer.

6. You are constantly thinking really snarky things like “wow, my job is so much better than yours.”

7. You realize your company credit card has bought you more meals than anyone this year.

8. Whenever asked to make plans your initial reaction is always “yeah, I just have to see if I’ll be working then.”

9. Your current idea of dressing up is wearing anything that doesn’t include a company logo.

10. You have woke up from a sound sleep with the burning desire to make a To-Do list and CC 12 people on it.

11. All of your stories start with “that reminds me of this one time at work…”

12. Nothing receives more attention and loyalty than the work email. Nothing.

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