12 Signs You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Your Younger Sister


1. She has nothing to do and you have a ton of work to finish.

Don’t you just envy her? She’s free with time at her hands, and you’re stuck with work and other projects to work on. There’s no justice in this.

2. You complain that she steals your wardrobe.

Every girl’s dilemma. You can grab any top at her part of the closet, yet you are annoyed every time she wears your favorite peplum. Yup, girl logic.

3. You are excited to go shopping, dining, or to the movies and she is not in the mood to accompany you.

You either thank her for helping you save up for a bigger spree or totally flip the table for being such a killjoy.

4. When she annoys you by making weird sounds, you annoy her back by mocking her.

Every older sister’s weapon—do the thing that annoys your younger sister.

5. People treat you as twins.

It’s a compliment to you or an insult to her. Either way, you can tell everyone that you’re fraternal twins and let that sink in.

6. People make reference of you as your sister’s older/younger sister.

Don’t you just hate it when people always reference you as someone’s sister? I have my own identity. Nonetheless, it’s either plus points for the good background or negative points for a bad reference (especially for professors/bosses/common friends).

7. When she stalks you and discovers your secret, you end up telling her the whole story.

There’s nothing worse than realizing that your sister has uncovered your secret, because you have no way out but to tell her the whole thing. Prepare for awkward comments. The only consolation you get for this incident is a load off your chest.

8. You bully her in the house yet build her confidence outside.

Every older sister’s perk. You protect her on the outside and hit her on the inside. Just kidding; you strengthen her on the inside to prepare her to face the harsh realities of life.

9. She covers for you yet uses it as dirt for future blackmail.

This has to be every younger sister’s winning move. It’s a win-win situation for her. You either bribe her with chocolates or treat her to lunch to stop her from blackmailing you.

10. You get annoyed at how different your choices are, yet feel amused that you still get along together.

Well, like they say, opposites attract. These little things piece together a great sibling bonding.

11. Disagreement heats up and suddenly there’s a 20-second verbal fight.

Chances are that 30 seconds later, you’re back as BFFs. Sibling rule of thumb: No one sleeps when a heated argument/uncalled sentiments are not settled.

12. She is your number-one fan and your worst critic.

She will definitely call you out when you make a dumb mistake or a wrong decision. She doesn’t care if she shatters your ego because she knows what’s best for you.