12 Signs You Were Definitely A Floater In High School


1. You had friends in so many different “groups.”

2. But even though you had tons of buddies all over, you never really felt like you specifically fit into any group.

3. People had a hard time describing you to others.

4. You were known, but never that well. You were like that mysterious figure in the distance — people knew your identity, but did they ever know the real you?

5. Lunchtime was always a source of major anxiety. Who were you going to sit with today? The speech and debate team? Your pals on the soccer team? Hang in the photo lab with the hipsters? Your friends were so scattered around the school that it always became a serious decision whenever that bell rang.

6. Despite the abundance of them, you never really had one solid core group you could rely on.

7. You’d occasionally get jealous of high school based television shows, as ridiculous as it sounds. You wanted that foursome, a la The OC (or *insert basically any other show that takes place in high school*). You craved that dependable crew you could roll with.

8. You lacked school spirit. Not because you didn’t want to be involved, but because you never felt you belonged. And it’s hard to get into the “Ra-Ra-Go-Team!” mood when you feel alienated.

9. Your best friend did not attend your high school.

10. Or if they did, your schedules were so opposite, you still barely saw them. So it was pretty much like they were 10,000 miles away.

11. You weren’t super involved in any extra-curriculars, probably part of the reason you floated about instead of sticking to one individual spot.

12. You couldn’t f*cking wait for college. Because you (rightfully) knew it would be the place you finally felt at home.