12 Spin-Off Ideas For The Chair From ‘The Voice’


1. Sweet Chair-ity

An extreme home makeover show starring The Chair from The Voice and Ty Pennington. The Chair does most of the renovation work and Ty does most of the extreme-ing.

2. Hell’s Living Room

The Chair from The Voice will berate and physically intimidate younger chairs as they train and attempt to become master chairs. Tagline: “If you can’t stand the heat, you’re screwed because it’s even hotter in here than in the kitchen!”


Four affluent 20-something chairs with bad manners and no impulse control, behave exactly as you’d expect them to behave in a metropolitan wasteland. “I think I might be The Chair from The Voice of my generation, or at least A Chair from The Voice of A generation.”

4. Spin-off

All four Chairs from The Voice compete in a nightly spin-off competition hosted by Drew Lachey. The chair who spins the best wins $100. (That’s a lot of money to a chair.)

5. Chair and Chair Alike

Set in a small wealthy Hamptons village called “Inagarten”, this nighttime soap opera follows two sets of twin chairs, played by the four Chairs from The Voice. Separated at birth, the chairs find each other and then become embroiled in a web of lies when they switch places to find their parents and to kill their other parents.

6. 4 Broke Chairs

A hilarious romp in which four chairs from VERY different walks of life end up sharing an apartment together after they each break their seat in a totally wacky and unexpected way! In order to pay their huge medical bills, they all get waitressing jobs at a bustling theme restaurant in Brooklyn where the theme is “xenophobia.”

7. An Office Chair and a Gentleman

A show where The Chair from The Voice plays a well-mannered regular office chair by day that transforms into a psycho vigilante chair who delivers street justice by night. Tagline: “There’s a new chair-iff in town.”

8. Frasier 2

It’s just like Frasier, except The Chair from The Voice plays Marty Crane’s recliner and Zac Efron plays Eddie the dog. Also, the rest of the cast is played by the other chairs from The Voice. Also, it’s silent.

9. CSI: Chair Scene Investigators

This heavily-filtered crime drama television series features a ton of gratuitous slow-motion bullet shots, or as they are known in the industry, “Bruckheimers.” It also features a hard-nosed, loose-cannon detective, who is a psychic time-traveling criminalist that is unable to remember events or the words to any television theme songs. His wife was murdered by a notorious gang documentarian. Since then, he has been basically a high-functioning alcoholic with a low-functioning thyroid who is haunted by the ghost of Bruce Willis.  Every morning a magical newspaper lands on his doorstep with all of the crimes that took place yesterday and he has to go back in time to try to solve them, but before that, he has to go into the future and solve his own murder whilst wearing a fedora. Also, TWIST: he’s actually been a chair this whole time.

10. I Did Know I Wasn’t Pregnant

Each week The Chair from The Voice discusses a different time in his life when he did know that he was not pregnant.

11. Game of Chairs

In this medieval fantasy, battles wage across fictional continents during a violent power struggle among the noble families as they fight for control of the Red Pleather Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Starring The Chair from The Voice as King Joffrey and James Franco as the Red Pleather Throne.

12. American Idle

Millions of Americans compete fiercely over twelve weeks to see who the absolute best is at sitting in The Chair from The Voice.

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