12 Texts To Each Guy I Ever Loved



I can’t drink my favorite wine anymore without thinking of you. I can’t really do anything without thinking of you.



do you take her to the same places you used to take me? does she smile at the way your left eye squints when you smile?



i still have the letter you wrote me. i read it on my hardest days.



do you remember the deep blue color of my eyes; you told me it was your favorite color. does your mom still asks about me.



how do you unlove someone?



i love the way your eyes sparkle when you talk with your guard down; you spoke in a way that i couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to hear less



you were all i wanted but not like this



i pushed you away because i couldn’t love myself. i didn’t want you to leave but how could you know that? how could you know my “go” meant “stay”?



what if we don’t end up with who we are supposed to?



somehow you gave me the whole universe without even really trying



he took your spot in bed yet it felt emptier than the day you left



i can still see the look you gave me when our eyes met across the room at a party


They’re all for you, it has always been you.