12 Things I Expect To Happen When I Return To My Alma Mater For A Visit


1. I will definitely run into people who I totally forgot existed but kinda sorta miss. We all have those people from college who maybe were not our BFFs but we certainly enjoyed their company during our four years with them.

2. I will definitely run into someone who I didn’t like in college. After about a minute of cordial interaction, I will remember why I didn’t like them.

3. I will likely run into someone who I didn’t like in college and the feelings were mutual. We won’t interact because we’ll both be pretty sure that we still don’t like each other.

4. My friends and I will stay up way too late one of the nights. Some people will make it to their alumni brunch the next day, some people won’t.

5. An upperclassmen college kid with way too much confidence for his own good, will likely hit on me and my girlfriends. We will take it really well and then tell him, “Maybe in a few years.”

6. Some freshman will definitely be acting a damn fool. My friends and I will judge. Ten seconds later, we’ll help him or her find friends to get home.

7. A lot of people will be trying to impress a lot of people about how cool their job, grad program or general life after college has turned out.

8. Some people will be honest and admit that they hate their life post college so far.

9. I will notice how some guys really came into themselves post-college.

10. I will run into someone who will claim to have had a crush on me at some point during the four years but didn’t tell me for one reason or the other. (I will do in an internal eye roll.)

11. I will run into guys I had a crush on or had a thing with, and will be grateful that I dodged that bullet.

12. I will have a really good time with all the people who I shared four great years with. But I’ll leave being content that part of my life came and went, however much I sometimes miss it. 

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