12 Things Just As Hard For Rich People As They Are For Poor People


1. Eating Healthy – It may be easier to afford healthy food if you’re rich, but that doesn’t make turning down a GMO late-night Chinese order any easier.

2. Working Out – Just because you have a trainer and a home gym doesn’t mean working out isn’t just as hard. Working up a sweat and building muscle is equally hard for people of all income levels.

3. Hangovers – Now this one I’m 100% sure is true. Hangovers sucked just as bad when I was a poor college student as they did when I was living in a $3,000-a-month apartment on Fifth Avenue.

4. Gaining Weight – Gaining weight causes you to feel bad about yourself, and it negatively impacts your self-esteem. You can’t cover that up with a designer bag.

5. Losing Weight – I know what you’re thinking: Rich people can just hire a personal chef and someone to follow them around to make sure they stay on their diet. Well, let’s ask Oprah how well that’s working out for her.

6. Losing a loved one – Just because you’re putting Grandma Jones into the ground in a solid gold casket with mother-of-pearl detailing doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

7. Health scares – Yes, wealthy people have better insurance and access to superior doctors, but that doesn’t diminish the fear one feels when their life (or the life of someone they love) is at risk. Remember, not even all the money in the world could save Steve Jobs.

8. Changing bad habits – Whether it’s biting your nails or not flossing your teeth, it takes all types of people many days, weeks, and months to change daily rituals.

9. Overcoming addiction(s) – From someone who has been to rehab, I know first-hand that addiction doesn’t discriminate. While I was there, I saw some people bring in their belongings in LV luggage and others in green Hefty garbage bags.

10. Aging – A facelift and some laser treatments might aid in diminishing the outward signs of aging, but no amount of money can prevent the inevitable physical and mental decline we will all experience.

11. A broken heart – Bobby Bill from the nearby trailer park cries the same river as Justin Timberlake.

12. Finding true love – It’s the age old concept of “money can’t buy love,” and it’s true. It can’t. Finding someone to love and share your life with is a challenge for everyone.