12 Things Statistically More Likely Than Picking A Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket


I have some bad news for all of you planning what you’re going to do with the billion dollars you planned on winning from picking a perfect NCAA tournament bracket; it’s not going to happen. If the first round upsets didn’t already eliminate you from perfection, don’t worry, it will soon enough. The reason someone would offer such a ridiculous amount of money for a perfect bracket is because, statistically, it’s not going to happen. Here’s why:

Odds of picking a perfect NCAA tournament bracket: 1-in-9.2 quintillion

That’s right, quintillion. That’s 9.2 billion multiplied one billion times. Here are the odds of twelve things that are more likely to happen than you picking every game correctly:

1. Winning the Mega Millions jackpot: 1-in-258 Million

2. Becoming the President of the United States: 1-in-10 Million

3. An adult having to go to the ER because of an incident involving a pogo stick: 1-in-115,000

4. Drowning in the bathtub: 1-in-840,000

5. Bowling a perfect game: 1-in-11,500

6. Being born with an extra finger: 1-in-500

7. Dying from bee stings (RIP Thomas Jay): 1-in-6.1 Million

8. Being attacked by a shark: 1-in-11.5 Million

9. Giving birth to identical quadruplets: 1-in-13 Million

10. Dying from a flesh eating bacteria: 1-in-1 Million

11. A vending machine falling on you and killing you: 1-in-112 million

12. Your house being hit by a meteor: 1-in-182,138,880,000,000