12 Things That Are Seriously Giving Your Homebody Friend Anxiety


1. When they don’t know exactly “who all is coming”

This might seem like an unimportant question to you, but to them it is THE MOST CRUCIAL INFORMATION OF ALL TIME. They need time to mentally prepare for who they might be running into tonight. You’ve already gotten them out of the house (and that’s huge) so do them a solid and ease the stress by just giving a detailed head count. Yeah? Great.

2. A place that requires a dress code

…we’re going somewhere that requires pants?! Um, WHAT DO YOU MEAN SWEATPANTS DON’T COUNT?

3. Netflix and chill not literally meaning Netflix and chill

This is false advertising and, quite frankly, a crime against humanity. Netflix and chill should mean EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Anything else is a con and unacceptable.

4. Going to a super crowded place

Where did all these people come from? Did they all come together? What happens if the group gets separated? What if someone finds themselves a sudden Mufasa in an inescapable stampede?! NO. CANNOT HANDLE. *runs back home*

5. Not having an immediate way out

There is a reason they like driving themselves. It has nothing to do with saving you an extra trip. They want a getaway, if necessary.

6. When you tell them “you better not cancel”

Of course they don’t PLAN to cancel. And believe me when I say, they get how shitty of a thing it is. They don’t feel good about flaking on plans and staying indoors instead. But sometimes, it’s gonna happen. And when you put this weird shame-y pressure on them (even if it’s a “joke”), it just makes them want to hermit themselves even more.

7. Missing their favorite TV show

Yes, we live at a time when we can record things, or just find almost anything online. But to your homebody buddy, missing this special night of television fun kind of hurts. As lame as that might be…they’re aching inside.

8. When Netflix removes certain shows/movies

Just when things seemed safe and comfortable, the rug is pulled out from beneath. It’s a cruel, cruel, cruel world.

9. The door bell randomly ringing

Someone coming over uninvited is an actual nightmare. YOU SEND A COURTESY TEXT OR ELSE YOU ARE A MONSTER.

10. Sleepovers

Whether it’s with your platonic friends or staying over with a romantic partner, being away from their well-known and loved bed is a change. And a change that causes some panic.

11. Extroverts who want to “rage”

It’s not that they’re opposed to raging…whatever that means, but they want to know they will eventually land back home. Or that, maybe, they can come party for a few hours to be socially acceptable, and then bolt back to their favorite place. Home.

12. Parties

All parties. The fun ones. The bad ones. The ones they look forward to. The ones they dread. All parties make them nervous. But they’ll get through it. One shot at a time.