12 Things That Minimalists Want More Of In Life


Minimalists are experts in downsizing, decluttering, and saying no to things that they deem as extraneous and frivolous, especially material items that marketers claim that they need right now in order to feel good about themselves. They don’t buy into hype, they’re meticulously self-aware and wary of external things that influence them, and they ruthlessly weed out anything that disrupts their internal state of simple peace.

They seem like experts in wanting less. Buying less. Doing less. Being less. Feeling less.

But cutting out things and pursuits that don’t align with your curated list of goals is only half the battle. The benefits of minimalism won’t fully bring joy if you’re constantly fixating on having less and pursuing less of what you hate and don’t want more of.

You need to identify what you love the most and seek out ways to incorporate more of those things into your life. Only then will you begin to love what you have most of and no longer return to old habits that involve seeking excess and external validation to cope with emptiness and guilt.

Minimalists are beginning to understand this principle and embrace having more of what will facilitate their simple and freeing lifestyle. They are beginning to see that simply throwing out their stuff and cutting back won’t alleviate fear, anxiety, self-doubt, or anger. Allowing themselves to create more and pursue more of what brings them into a state of internal harmony is what will actually bring the effective changes that ease into their lives and stay in place.

Here are the 12 things that minimalists want more of in life:

1. They want to have financial security, so that they can pursue more of what best aligns their professional purpose and have more energy to do what they’re actually good at. They want to be either self-directed in their own companies or at least work with a good boss that fosters genuine relationships and exhibits characteristics that help boost the morale of employees.

2. They want more quality time to spend relaxing, rejuvenating themselves, and reflecting on their ideas, feelings, and thoughts.

3. They want more breathing room. They want to enjoy the space they’re in and feel a greater sense of calm when they enter any room of their home.

4. They want to empower others to live in a way that brings out their most genuine selves (that society has crippled for so long) and motivates them to pursue all things with courage, strength, and vitality.

5. They want more high-quality and practical products that also match their aesthetic preferences because the visual aspect of things do affect how they feel, and they want everything to be color-coordinated and flow with everything else in their living space.

6. They want to have more time to create the little masterpieces that make this world a more beautiful place.

7. They want more time to spend alone because constantly being around others can bring about a shift in priorities, peer pressure, and the fear of not being good enough. Even if they do enjoy being around people, they understand the importance of setting boundaries and focusing more on their own inner growth.

8. They want to have more physical wellness, more healthy foods, more meditation, and more exercise not just because health experts say they are good, but because they know that ultimately pursuing more of these things will give them more energy to pursue their purpose with a clear, focused mind.

9. They want more balance. They want to devote an equal amount of time on their professional, creative, emotional, physical, and spiritual sides. They understand that when even one side is neglected, that will disrupt their internal homeostasis, and thus, will not reap the full benefits of allowing more of what they love in their lives.

10. They want more enjoyment in the simple things in life. They want to be enchanted by the beauty of nature around them and linger in the presence of an awe-inspiring stillness that fosters a meditative and surreal state of peace.

11. They want to learn more about what interests them and what will help them utilize their gifts in the best way possible.

12. They want to show more gratitude for the things they have, for the people that have helped them get to where they are, and for the potential that they have within to create more abundance and beauty for themselves and others.