12 Ukulele Covers of Pop Songs By Suits And Ukes To Help Get You Through The Day


Good days at work, bad days at work; it doesn’t matter since you’re still stuck at work. The team behind Suits and Ukes wants to help you with that, apparently.

1. Daydream about that glorious moment you get to hop on the subway or even into your own car and GTFO of the office with Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight”.


2. Try not to whistle along too loudly and disturb your coworkers while bopping along to the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”.


3. Get introspective and existential with your spare time at work and realize you can identify with Kanye West sometimes with this cover of “Runaway.” Or say, “Nah, that ain’t me” and laugh about Kafka and cockroach costumes.


4. Bring yourself back up out of that funk with Katy Perry, sparklers, birthday hats and childlike exuberance.


5. You think about going home all day, but what are you going to do when you get there? Grab all the beer and call all your friends and sing and dance sounds like the best option. I’m From Barcelona’s “We’re From Barcelona” is a great sing-along song.


6. Most likely though, you’ll go home and play video games in your underwear and hope there are leftovers when you open the fridge. Lana Del Rey feels ya.


7. It’s not Halloween yet (or maybe it is by the time you’re reading this, I can’t predict the Halloweens of Internet Future) but you can still get some ideas for the Halloween office party with “Hybrid Moments” by The Misfits.


8 & 9. Maybe you’re they type who spends a lot of time at work thinking about your relationship (or lack thereof) and how much it sucks. Be honest. Well, these duet covers of The Magnetic Fields and Crooked Fingers are for you then.



10. Still not satisfied and still sad? Well, tough because boys don’t cry. But don’t worry, The Cure was being as sarcastic as Britishly possible.


11. What list anywhere is complete without David Bowie? No list anywhere, that’s what list.


12. Ah, home. Finally. Is there anything like it after a long day? The Talking Heads don’t think so, so this must be the place then.



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