12 Uncomfortable Truths About Being Single For The First Time In A Long Time


1. There are going to be nights when you feel alone. When you come to the edge of tears. When you are tempted to pick up the phone and text your ex because you’re not used to their sudden absence. That’s natural. That’s unavoidable. 

2. You will have to do some spring cleaning. You will throw out their presents. You will delete their pictures from Facebook. But, even though it might be a bad idea, you will save a few to remember them by. 

3. You are going to get sick of talking about relationships. There will be friends who keep asking you whether you’re using dating apps and when the last time you had sex was. There will be family members who want to set you up and make comments about how you should put yourself out more. Everyone will act like your love life is their business now that you’re single. 

4. You are going to get annoyed by other couples. When you see happy couples, they will make you gag with their sweetness. When you see toxic couples, you will think about how your relationship was so much better than their relationship. You won’t want to deal with romance for a while. 

5. You will have trouble flirting at first. You might feel like you’re betraying your ex by flirting with someone else. Or you might have been in your last relationship for so long that you forgot how to flirt at all.

6. You will party too hard. There will be nights when you’re actually excited about the breakup and try to take advantage of your new single status. You will drink too much and sleep with someone you don’t have strong feelings for and regret it in the morning. 

7. You are going to check up on your ex. Even if you swear you don’t care about them anymore, there will be a time when you sneak a glance at their profile page. When you check to see if they are already dating someone else or are as miserable as you.

8. You are going to get sick of cliches. You will keep hearing about how you are better off without your ex and how it’s better to be alone than in the wrong relationship. As annoying as those things are to hear again and again, it’s the honest truth. 

9. You will lose certain friends. The friends that used to go on double dates with you will feel like they have to pick a side now that you two are broken up. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t going to choose you. 

10. You are going to wonder whether you’ll die alone. You are going to wonder whether you lost your soulmate. Whether you found the person you were supposed to spend the rest of your life alongside and ruined it. 

11. You will absolutely hate being single. There are going to be times when you love the freedom of being alone. There will be other times when you miss having someone around to kiss, hug, and snuggle with at night. You’ll go back and forth between loving the single life and hating it. 

12. Eventually, your heart is going to healYou are going to move on from your last relationship. You are going to love again.