12 Ways Dating A Music Lover Is More Exciting Than Dating Anyone Else


There are so many benefits to listening to music. Music helps you appreciate the world around you. It helps you find balance. Why shouldn’t you listen and love music? A music lover finds that hard to comprehend. Even when you go through a breakup, you may need the music to help you heal.

When you date a music lover, it is all about the music. It is about the sound, the rhythm, the lyrics, and every element that makes a great song. Here are some cool things you would love when you date a music lover.

1. They would make you attend music shows. They would move mountains to go to a show of an artist they love. This means some free tickets for you! And at such shows you would see the true person in them come to life. If you want to know how excited a music lover is for music, attend a show with them. Watch them relive their childhood in an instance with you.

2. And imagine the fun listening to music from artists who perform with so much intensity and excitement in a live show. Such moments offer the perfect experience in your relationship with someone you care about. It is real and alive!

3. They will surprise you with gifts related to music. Yes gifts like the music software Audials One 2017 make you appreciate the music better.

4. They bring all those songs you thought you forgot back to life when they are with you. Somehow they are able to perceive your music taste and present it to you in an ultimate fashion.

5. They make you appreciate music better. Your taste becomes sophisticated when you date a music lover. Yes, you would get immersed in the lyrics, in the sound and the rhythm.

6. They would remember their favorite music lines and recite them to you.

7. They make you have a more rounded perspective of life. They appreciate several music genres and make you see the pureness in appreciating variety.

8. You will get used to the music. You can’t avoid the music, it is everywhere around them whether in the toilet, the kitchen, the car or the living room. And trust me silence is painful. It is always better to have music that will help you heal and retain your perspectives.

9. You will ask them anything on music and they will be sure to help you out. It is not simply about the song, but about the year it was made, the producer who made it, the artist, their mind is like an encyclopedia of music.

10. They know how to apologize with a music you have heard. Yes even when they hurt you, they would sing “My heart will go on” to make you smile again.

11. They won’t be misunderstood. You can tell a lot about a person when you know their musical taste. People who love slow songs are calm and easy-going. People who love fast songs are energetic and passionate.

12. You surely would know what to buy for them when you want to apologize for a mistake.

Love a music lover because the night would come to life with “Cherish the love we have, we should cherish the life we live” lyrics by Kool and the gang. Or you would find love when you listen to “We found Love” by Rihanna or they could be the fool in the rain when they play “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin. Love a music lover because every romantic lyric comes to life with them.