123 Little Things That Make Me Feel Happy And Grateful For This Life


1. A warm bed on a winter night

2. Late night deep conversations

3. Feeling the warmth of the sun on a chilly day

4. A cup of coffee/hot chocolate and a book on a rainy day

5. Petting a dog, cat or any cute animal

6. Sleeping in on a weekend

7. Lazy Sundays

8. Dancing

9. Singing my lungs out

10.  Long drives and good music

11.  Reading poetry

12.  Netflix and Korean dramas

13.  Being able to help others

14.  Random smiles from strangers

15.  Late afternoon or early morning walks

16.  The crunching sound of dry leaves when you walk on them during autumn

17.  Popping bubble wrap

18.  Waking up next to a loved one

19.  Long tight hugs

20.  When a baby’s hand grabs on to my finger

21.  A good workout

22.  Stargazing and naming the constellations

23.  The smell of fruit toast in the morning

24.  Old photos

25.  Writing creative essays or articles in a quiet room

26.  Taking off the bra after a long day

27.  Early morning yoga and meditation

28.  Catching up with old friends and finding the connection’s still there

29.  Coastline views

30.  The sound of birds chirping in the morning

31.  Dinner dates

32.  Cuddles

33.  Great hair days

34.  Receiving letters or long sweet messages

35.  Rereading old conversations

36.  Chilling naked after a shower

37.  My dad’s support

38.  My mom’s comforting words when times get rough

39.  My siblings’ jokes

40.  Newly changed bedsheets and pillow covers

41.  Laughing until the stomach hurts

42.  Satisfying food cravings

43.  Discovering new places like a cute café, library, bookshop, or beach

44.  The smell of scented candles

45.  Picnics

46.  Seeing your own breath on a cold winter morning or evening

47.  Capturing beautiful photos to update my Instagram

48.  Meeting new people

49.  Coming up with new ideas

50.  The thrill of plane take-offs and landings

51.  Seeing shapes on fluffy clouds

52.  The feel of the wind on my face

53.  Watching the sunset or sunrise

54.  Seeing a rainbow (or better, a double rainbow)

55.  Getting a glimpse of the bright white clouds in-between spaces of gloomy grey ones

56.  The smell of new books

57.  Talking with my best friends

58.  The feeling of relief after a stressful work

59.  Achieving goals

60.  The first three seconds after driving through the blinding reign of tunnel lights

61.  Long warm baths

62.  The liberating feeling of waking up and realizing you’re not thinking of the person who broke your heart anymore

63.  Night dreams and daydreams

64.  Cycling in trails/roads filled with trees

65.  Smiles and loving stares from someone I care about

66.  Late night drives

67.  The sound of the sea waves and the smell of the sea breeze

68.  First dates that click

69.  Forehead kisses

70.  The smell of flowers

71.  Good morning and goodnight texts from a lover or random cute texts

72.  Face masks and a glass of wine

73.  Learning something new

74.  Listening to someone talk about something they’re passionate about

75.  Re-watching old footage

76.  Finding someone who makes it seem easy to love

77.  Pancakes with butter and maple syrup for breakfast

78.  Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

79.  The moment of realization on why some things didn’t work out or why some people didn’t stay

80.  Sleepovers

81.  That tight hug after having a fight with someone you care about

82.  Slow dancing to classic songs

83.  Crossing out tasks on the to-do list

84.  Finding new topics or inspirations to write about

85.  Getting good make-up done

86.  Cooking and baking

87.  Old record stores

88.  Listening to a great storyteller

89.  Hand warmers

90.  Watching street performances

91.  Family reunions

92.  The mountains

93.  Being independent

94.  Witnessing someone grow and transform into the person they wanted to be

95.  Realizing my growth and recognizing my achievements–big or small

96.  Hot chocolate on a winter day

97.  Cookies & cream thick shake on a summer day

98.  Pizza, burgers, fried chicken and fries

99.  Long weekends

100. Holiday vacations

101.  When someone I know accomplishes something

102. Getting a good haircut

103. Volunteering

104. The silence at 5am

105. Self-care activities

106. Mental health therapy sessions

107. Watching animal rescue videos

108. Watching my younger siblings grow

109. Cheering for a team during a sports game

110. Dinner with good company

111. Traveling

112. Museums and art galleries

113. Bonfires during camping

114. When my room is clean and kept clean

115. Fruits

116. A good massage

117. Neatly organized closet and cupboards

118. Blogging

119. Playing with little kids

120. Me-time

121. People watching and seeing happy older couples

122. Little traditions

123. Kindness of other people