13 Annoying Guys You Should Dump ASAP


1. He’s Flaky

There’s nothing worse on the earth than a flaky person, especially when said flake can’t even tell how their flakiness impacts your emotions. What’s the point of making plans with someone when you know he’s going to cancel them at the last second, every single time? If you want to be there, you will.

2. Doesn’t Make Time For You

We are all very busy and overworked, with places to go and people to sleep with. Okay, sometimes we do get too busy because we have a really tight deadline or a huge project coming up. That’s fine. But nobody is so busy that they don’t have time for you. Rule of thumb: if he doesn’t make time for you he’s not thinking about you.

3. …Or Encourage You

You don’t want a boyfriend who doesn’t encourage your wildest dreams. Get someone who is there for you 100% and then some. This will be the guy who came to your first DJ set and was the only person dancing when everyone else left the room. Your boyfriend should be your biggest cheerleader.

4. takes 3 days to respond to a message

Sometimes I’ll be having drinks with my girlfriends and they’ll tell me about how the guy they’re seeing takes SO LONG to respond to messages. Nobody is at their phone every second of every day, but we all check our phones before we go to bed. We check them as soon as we wake up in the morning and we check them on our lunch breaks. Your message has been read, it just hasn’t been responded to yet. And that’s a choice. You shouldn’t need to message every single second, but taking 3 days to respond every single time signals a level of disinterest, girl!

5. Has a hard time keeping his word

A person who goes back on their word is a person who thinks of themselves first and foremost. The say what needs to be said right now to get through the moment/situation, and usually they have no intentions of honoring what they said that would do. Over time you start to notice how your guy said he would do X and never got around to it. It doesn’t make him a bad person, just someone you should dump at once.

6. He’s hot and cold towards you

For three days in a row he acts like he’s allllllll about u, then for the next five you barely hear from him. Up and down, up and down…

7. A Guy who makes you feel like an inconvenience

Some guys have a way of making you feel like a burden, like when you ask someone for something and they list 17 reasons it’s inconvenient for them to do it before finally relenting. Don’t date a guy who makes you feel like a burden, because there are plenty of others out there who don’t makes lame excuses for why they can’t hang out.

8. A Guy Who Takes You For Granted

See above, basically.

9. A Guy who makes excuses about his dating habits

Him: “I suck at dating.”

You: Oh really? Bai!

End of date.

10. A Guy whose annoying ticks stop being cute

…And start annoying the shit out of you. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST CLIP YOUR TOE NAILS FOR GOD’S SAKE!

11. A Guy who overlooks your cute messages

You know the type. You send a cute message and he either ignores what you said or responds to every part of the message *but* the cute part. Boy, Bye Points: 20,000.

12. A guy who doesn’t challenge you

The best trait of a boyfriend, I feel, in addition to all the basic stuff, is someone who challenges you, keeps you on your toes a bit. If he doesn’t challenge you then he’s probably boring and you should dump him!

13. A Guy who doesn’t choose you every day


The moral of the story is that though it’s normal to have some level of doubt in your relationship, especially at the beginning, if you spend any sizable amount of time annoyed by how annoying he is rather than focusing on the good stuff, tell him “Boy, bai!”