13 Awesome Fall Activities For When You’re Single AF


1. Carve pumpkins and drink spiked Halloween punch with your girlfriends.

Having a boyfriend for October isn’t a requirement, but carving pumpkins most definitely is. Have a girl’s night, complete with drinks and Pinterest-inspired carving ideas. Get tipsy, take plenty of pictures, and make sure to set candles inside your designs so you can show them off at night!

2. Indulge in one of the three ‘H’s’—a haunted house, hike or hayride with a group of friends.

Getting the crap scared out of you is a part of October. Search local spooktacular places and get a group of friends to. Attend sober or consume a few drinks before heading out. Either way, spending time with friends and getting a good scare is a must this month.

3. Host a Halloweekend movie marathon.

Halloween movies are one of the best perks of October: Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Casper, the list goes on. Whether you Netflix, Redbox, hit up the library or do some old fashioned DVD renting, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time binging on junk food and watching back-to-back Halloween classics with friends.

4. Get Pinterest-inspired.

Pinterest has anything and everything you could ever want at your fingertips. From spiked drink recipes to pumpkin pie recipes, from Halloween drinking games to DIY costume ideas, you can find anything Halloweenie on Pinterest. So get creative, get some friends and start crafting!

5. Plan a kicka$$ group costume.

So you’re single AF. Who cares? You don’t need a boyfriend to do a matching costume! Get a best friend or a group of friends and plan something that you can do together—Disney princesses, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, candy bars, the list is never-ending.

6. Take a weekend trip with your friends.

No boyfriend? No obligations. Grab a group of friends who are fun and down for anything and plan a weekend getaway. Go to a concert on the other side of town, spend the weekend skiing in the mountains or on a beach. Feeling crazy? Head to Vegas for the ultimate party. There are options. Don’t feel like you can’t have any fun when your bf-less. In all reality, this is the best month for single shenanigans.

7. Be the best Trick-or-Treating house on the block.

Scope out the best candy deals and stock up. This year, pride yourself on being the best house on the block. Have a chill night, and spend it solo or with friends, handing out King-sized bars and glow sticks and bringing a smile to every kid’s face.

8. Host your own Halloween party.

Be proactive this October. No, you may not have a SO, but that doesn’t mean you’re forced to spend the holiday alone. Start party plannin’! Get friends to help you out, decorate your place with orange lights, cobwebs, and strobes, and solicit your gal pals for help. Want to save some $$? Make it BYOB.

9. Share your happy Halloween spirit by giving back to the community.

This year, instead of feeling sorry for your single self, get out and give back. Find out if you can visit a local children’s hospital in costume and give some young, sick patients have a reason to smile. Search the hours of your local foodbank and volunteer. Rake leaves for some elderly folks in your neighborhood. There are countless opportunities that will not only bless others’ lives, but get your mind off your loneliness, too!

10. Cook. Bake. Indulge in some guilty pleasures.

There are countless Pinterest-inspired Halloween cookies, cakes, puddings, desserts, leftover-candy-creations, etc. Whether you spend an afternoon in, chillin’ and baking, or gather friends and make a night of it, this is one of the most overlooked parts of October. And let’s face it, you have to do something with all that candy, right?

11. Take advantage of the booze.

There are plenty of opportunities to get #lit this month. From booze-cruises to bar specials, costume contests to Halloween trivia nights, drinking will most definitely become a part of your October. Enjoy yourself, stay safe, and well, who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone cool on one of your alco-adventures.

12. Get active, Halloween-style.

Just because candy, drinks, and sweets are a must this month, doesn’t mean you let your fitness go to the wayside. Search some local 5Ks, spooky runs, or Halloween-themed exercise classes. This will not only get you in the holiday spirit, but keep your butt in shape.


October has so much to offer. From concerts to costume contests, movies on the lawn to Pumpkin spiced lattes, you have so much to do, drink, taste, and try. Don’t let your single-ness keep you from having an awesome time. The way to get over an ex and have a good October is to simply get out and do it!