13 Guys Who Ruin Dating For Everyone


1. A Guy Who Is Too Insecure

Everyone has some sort of insecurity, something they dislike about themselves. But the difference between having insecurities and dating a person who is just way too insecure is that his insecurities get leveled onto you in the form of being controlling or needy. He always feels threatened. It’s nice when a guy shows you how much he likes you and that he realizes he’s lucky to be with you because you’re amazing, but not when he doesn’t love himself enough to understand his own value.

2. The Guy Who Takes You On A Great Date But Then Disappears Into Thin Air

Every single person who has been in the dating universe has engaged with this rock star. You exchange several hundred text messages a week, you go on a couple awesome dates and everything seems to be going well when, suddenly, <strong)poof</strong). He's gone. Oh but like, where did he go? You text him once or twice, thinking maybe he didn't get the message orrr? No response. Either he's found someone else, he was already with someone in the first place, he lost interest, whatever. Either way, don't put up with any smooth excuses he gives you for his disappearing act. Drop him.

3. Any Dude Who Uploads Shirtless Selfies On Any Social Media Site

Call me a prude but it just seems like prominent shirtless selfies on Facebook/Instagram is weird, like gloating at how awesome you are. IT IS EVEN WORSE WHEN THESE PHOTOS ARE TAKEN WITH iPADS. Shut it down.

4. Guys Who Want You To Know They Know Absolutely EVERYTHING

One of the greatest assets a guy can have, aside from a discount at Saint Laurent and a full wine bar, is the ability to hold great, powerful, exciting conversations. They don’t always have to be super political or super intellectual, but hearing someone’s ideas is the best way to get to know how they tick. But there’s a difference between having ideas and believing in your like your ideas so hard that they are apparently the ONLY ideas. No matter what question is asked or whatever subject, this annoying know-it-all knows what to say.

5. A Guy Who Is Just Way Too Into Himself

It’s like they say: everything’s fine in moderation. But do you really want to date a guy who is prettier than you are, who takes longer to get ready, and who always smells like roses and whose roots never get bad? Because now IT’S A COMPETITION.

6. Serial Monogamists

There’s nothing wrong with monogamy, but there is something peculiar about people who bounce from relationship to relationship with virtually no breaks in-between. If you date a serial monogamist, how do you know that he isn’t over his last ex or, oh god, his last three exes? People need time to heal, and you shouldn’t date someone who just got out of a relationship just like you shouldn’t date someone who has had 3 multi-year relationships back to back.

7. A Guy Who Does Too Much Too Soon

He should not be texting “I miss you” by the second date, a text you’ll likely receive when you’re on a date with someone else, idk. You want him to show his interest in you without seeming like he’s thirsty for your attention. Let the pacing happen naturally, otherwise he might just be too eager to tie you down.

8. The Guy Who Just Wants Sex

Hey, sometimes people just want to get laid. We all get horny and want the comfort of a warm body next to ours. But dating someone just for the sex is like eating chocolate cake everyday and not expecting to gain any weight. It fulfills you now, but you’ll have to deal with the consequences later son.

9. The One Who Is Hot And Cold

We all play relationship games, and no, you don’t want him to do too much too soon. But you do want him to show that he has some interest in you. Some guys like to be all hot one minute and super cold the next, the coldness as a thing to get you ready for him again I guess. But if you’ve been dating someone for, say, a few months or longer, and you’ve already decided to be bf/gf, you should know they like you. There shouldn’t be any more games.

10. A Guy Who Is Just So Freaking Bitter

Like so bitter he can’t see the joy in anything. Do you really want to wake up next to someone who gets up on the wrong side of the bed every single day?

11. Any Guy Who Has Ever Said “It Took Me A While To Like You But Now I Do”

First impressions are important, and sometimes beautiful relationships spring out of bad first dates. But is that something you really want a person to tell you? “Hey, I didn’t like you at first but now you’re amazing lol!” Even if it’s the way he felt, there are other ways of saying that without actually saying it that way, geez.

12. Guys Who Make Your Brain Hurt When You Talk to Them

It’s like, talking to them causes you so much stress and grief, especially when you’re debating politics or other issues that matter to you. You. Can’t. Understand. His. Reasoning!

13. A Guy You Take To A Bar Where You Discover He Is an Avid Fist Pumper


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