13 Letters For 13 Lovers


1. You are number one because you were my heart and soul — a love that never should have ended. You were my first everything. A day will never go by when I don’t think of you or what we could have accomplished together. As much as I love you, I know you are not right for me.

2. I won’t lie, you were a big part of my life. You were basically my boyfriend but we never quite got there. You took me on dates, we did spontaneous romantic things. You wrote me love letters and you tried your hardest. I’m sorry that when you were ready to settle down, I wasn’t. Thanks for being one of the few people who genuinely gave a shit.

3. You were that stupid high school relationship. The only reason I am writing to you is to thank you. Thank you for being an asshole. It really prepared me for the rest of my shitty experiences in life.

4. You have been trying to get with me for about four years now. Yeah, we’ve kissed but you are going nowhere and we both know it. You only wanted one thing which is why I refused to give it to you. I hope your kid is doing well.

5. I bet you thought I forgot all about you. You liked me so much but you said you needed time and I just couldn’t handle that. So that’s when I hooked up with your friend and you decided to never speak to me again. I guess you should have kept me when you had the chance.

6. You are that friend. I regret you every day of my life. You spread rumors and lied to my face. I hate you.

7. Do you remember me or are you tripping too hard on drugs? You were the bad boy in my life that I was craving. You were so mysterious and it frustrated me. I needed to learn more about you so I did. We had the perfect baseball/softball player thing going for us. Then you realized I couldn’t keep up with your lifestyle which is when I was dropped. We both knew it was bound to happen.

8. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met and I am sorry. I used you. I used you as a rebound to make myself feel better. You genuinely liked me, even told me you loved me and I played with your feelings.

9. Oh, the college hook up. That is all you are. You lied to me, led me on, and treated me like I didn’t exist. You were also a lesson learned. I’m sorry but I can’t find it on myself to forgive you for pretending you liked me because honestly it hurt.

10. Sorry, I was drunk.

11. You are a genuinely good person and I hope to see where things may go in the future. I hope you don’t end up like #9.

12. I am saving you for last (well, almost) because you are the only person who loved me with out ever touching my lips. 4 years you have loved me and we both have known it. I have leaded you on and left you for all of the above and you still stuck around. I haven’t kissed you because I feel like I am not deserving of your genuine love for me. I will never be so sorry for something in my life.

13. Who ever you may be, please love me and make me happy. Please don’t end up like the rest.

featured image – Bhumika Bhatia