13 Mindful Quotes For The Soul


When you’re a writer, every other conversation seems to stick with you like a line from a movie. I hope these gems from yours truly and others over the past month inspire you, too. For context, I was teaching meditative yoga at an overseas retreat. So peace, love, namaste – and go make your own #pinspiration boards!

I Said

Yoga is a great release.

Isn’t it? I keep returning even though I’ve passed out before in the heat. Stretch against the tension that’s been built up from emotional stress and poor posture. Open your hips and your heart to new possibilities.

Let your heartfelt kindness & mindful integrity guide you.

Every movement should be deliberate. Use your breath to remind you of your intention and the direction your inner voice is taking your soul.

Take the good with the not so good.

It’s all varying levels of good. There is no bad, just opportunities for growth. Accept things simply as they are.


May you find ease. May you find joy. May you find lightness.

There’s no point of doing something if you’re going to cringe in difficulty – smile through it. Embrace the challenge and feel buoyed by your experience.

Enjoy the cookie.

If you’re going to put it in your body, savor it. Taste the sweetness of life. Don’t feel guilty and create harmful imprints. Our relationship to food is so emotional – so really relish in its deliciousness!


Life is a labyrinth. How will you walk through it?

There was a literal maze where I was staying. You could enter your own way with a question, leave with an answer at your own pace. One time I was in the middle of a line. Another time I danced through it. A third time, I went counterclockwise. No direction is wrong. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Why relive the past if you can be in the present?

I’ve been known to be nostalgic or too quick with the romanticizing. Being in the now obviously makes you feel more alive.

Listen to your heart’s desire and stop the cycle of suffering or embrace the wheel of emotion.

We are human, lost in our thoughts and ruled by our senses. Recognizing this hamster-wheeling exists is the first step. Meditation helps.

Said to Me

Do you see the fire?

God asked me a question during a lighting ceremony while I closed my eyes. I responded, I saw two flames. It shows me I should always answer a resounding “yes” to any situation if I can feel passion burning in my soul.

All the men in the village want to marry you.

Well, as they should. It helps if you’re the first blonde Asian they’ve seen and you wear booty shorts around the garden. I definitely pull out the damsel in distress card sometimes. A girl’s got to do… Find empowerment in being a solo standout.

Let me know when you find a place that feels like home.

I definitely bawled at this comment. Someone knew exactly what to say when I was about to leave. I’m in constant shifting for stability, ironically. But home doesn’t have to be a place – it could be a person, a calling, etc.

It is easier to be love than to be loved.

This comment made me sad in its truthfulness. But giving is a great gift and shows not just your character but the size of one’s heart.

Said to One Another

I wish you so much love.

This was one of the most beautiful exchanges, as good as “I love you, too.” To truly wish happiness for one another and show selfless compassion is a highlight of life.