13 Parts Of You That Make Someone Fall In Love (That Have Nothing To Do With Your Body)


1. Your touch. The way your hand feels when it slips underneath theirs. The way your body fits into theirs when they hug you. The safety that comes with being in the same room as you, and the comfort they feel when they experience the warmth of your touch.

2. Your persistence. The fact that you insist on being there for them when things get rough, and believe in them when they don’t believe in themselves. When you give them the push they need, but wouldn’t give themselves. They understand that you’re helping them move forward when they don’t feel like it’s something they can do themselves.

3. The part of you that’s willing to show how much you need them (even though it makes you vulnerable). The first time you tell or show, them how much you care, and they realize that they feel the exact same way.

4. The way you listen. There are too many people who respond without ever really listening to what the other person is saying. When you listen to them, the way you respond shows that you’re absorbing every word that comes out of their mouth, not just nodding along. It shows that you’re invested in what they have to say, even when they’re discussing the littlest things.

5. The sound of your voice when you smile. The inflection in your voice legitimately changes when the edges of your mouth curve upward and your eyes smile.

6. The strength that you don’t let other people see. Your ferocity. The way you stick up for yourself, or for them, or for something you believe in. The way you argue a point until the very end just to get your point across because that’s how strongly you feel.

7. The part of you that is scared to let them in completely. Your vulnerability, and the way you’re willing to challenge your vulnerability by being open with them about why you’re hesitant to move too quickly.

8. Your desire to trust them. When you’re honest with someone, and you tell them all the ways in which you’ve been hurt before, and they love you for it. They love you for your honesty. If you think they are worth trying to love again, they will realize that.

9. The way you light up when they walk into a room. Because it never gets old, and that’s comforting.

10. The part of you that’s eager to show them off because you feel strongly that everyone else will be as invested as you are. Even for the men and women who are shy, and don’t like to be the center of attention, they love that you want your friends and family to like them as much as you do.

11. The way you can make sense of little things they can’t just because of the unique way your mind works. In a way, this is a testament to how well you work together; you’re able to finish populating an idea they only got halfway through. You can verbalize the things that they can’t, and vice versa.

12. When you curl into the space beneath their chin and their collarbone, and refuse to move. Because it makes you both feel safe, and comfortable, and whole.

13. Every part of you that you won’t let anyone else see. There are parts of your personality (and your body) that you don’t want anyone else to see, but that you want them to understand fully.