Hannah Baker’s Story Is Many People’s Reality


Hannah Baker’s story is realistic. While of course there are people that end their life and it truly is no one’s fault and there’s nothing anyone could have done. But there are still many cases out there that are similar to Hannah’s.

It’s easier for us to blame the person that ended their own life because that takes all the blame off of us.

We can go on with our lives and forget that there are life-ending consequences to our actions. We didn’t take our own life so we still have to live with our actions and it’s easier to blame the person that is gone. The reality is, children and teens are bullied every day.

The bullying is pretty similar to what is described in ’13 Reasons Why.’ I challenge you to find a single female adult that was never called a “bitch” or a “slut” or a “whore” in their teenage years.

Find a grown man that never dealt with feeling inadequate or was too afraid to love someone. This is the real world. People are cruel but they don’t have to be.

’13 Reasons Why’ is not a blame game. It is the reality of our harsh world and is a wake-up call that maybe we need to treat each other a little better.

The truth is your actions can have very real and serious consequences. When you do something wrong to another human being, it can’t just be a “whoops!” or a “that was shitty of me but oh well.” We all need to own up to the horrible things we do to one another and work to treat each other like decent human beings.

I have felt the aftermath of suicide far too much and I know there really are times where there was NOTHING that could have been done. But I’m also not naive enough to think that people can get away with the horrible way they treat others without there being serious consequences. You can disagree with everything I just wrote but agree with me on one thing…life is hard. It’s hard for everyone. So let’s not make it any harder for each other. Love a little more and hate a little less.

And of course, there is ALWAYS someone that cares. Always. Don’t ever believe that you contribute nothing to this world. We all have a purpose and deserve to be loved.