13 Reasons That Perfectly Illustrate Why Having A BFF Is Wayyy Better Than Having A Boyfriend


1. She will actually Netflix and chill.

I mean, how many freaking times do you miss out on chunks of good movies because your dude starts making out with your cheek? Ew. Not cute.

2. She’s clingy in all the right ways.

She’ll text you every morning and call you every day just to check in. She’ll stalk your Twitter and message with concern whenever she sees something semi-sad. And she’ll try to hang with you whenever she can. But she’s not going to try to cuddle you in the middle of a crowded mall or nag you via text when you’re out with girlfriends or any of that annoying boyfriend stuff.

3. She’s literally seen you at your worst, but still wants to hang out.

Your post-breakup blubbering, your no-makeup selfies, your binge-eating pizza, your sweaty, post-workout mess—yeah, she’s seen it all. And somehow still loves you to death.

4. She won’t ghost or bench you. Ever.

If she’s pissed at you, you’ll know. If she’s busy, she’ll send you a text. If she thinks you’re being a sh*t friend, she’ll confront you, face to face. She won’t skirt around the issue, or buy you dinner then never talk to you again. She’s not there for the temporary; she won’t just up and disappear.

5. She’s literally down for whatever, as long as it’s with you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping, getting a manicure, pulling weeds from the backyard, or just sitting outside—she’s okay with it, as long as it means she’s hanging with you. Plus, the two of you can always find things to talk about. AKA no boredom. Ever.

6. She’s never going to judge you for anything, ever.

You both have a lotttt of dirt on one another, so she’s sure as hell keeping all your secrets. From the ugly dude you kissed that one summer to the night you ate an entire pizza in one sitting—she’s your bestie and she won’t judge you for anything.

7. She’ll take you on dates (and they’ll be much more interesting).

Dating is like, the ultimate hype of having a BF, right? Eh. Probs not. When you go out with your best friend, there’s never an argument about where to eat because you alternate picking places (and pretty much like the same food anyways). You don’t mind splitting the bill or taking turns, you don’t judge each other for ordering salads or burgers and fries or a combo of both. And you actually have sh*t to talk about. Sure, the night might not end with an in-the-car-makeout-sesh, but it’s way better quality time.

8. She’ll actually help you get a BF (if you ever decide you want one).

AKA wingwomaning, or just hangingout together and totally getting hit on. Having a gal pal to go out with makes it suuuuuper easy to find a man. (I mean, if you ever decide to head down that dark road.)

9. She’s a wayyyy better cuddler.

Because she’s a) a female and b) has heard you complain about bad cuddlers your entire friendship.

10. She gets that sometimes you just want to be alone.

She gets it—the solo shopping days, the nights spent in on the couch, the workouts that you just want to do by yourself. She doesn’t demand that you spend all your time with her, or question the motives behind not hangingout. She’s not going to think you’re breaking with her just because you want to roll solo for a while.

11. She’s more in-tune with your emotional side.

She gets that you randomly cry the week before your period or that you can’t handle when your parents fight. She knows that you can internalize your real feelings until you basically explode or that you feel things really, really deeply. She gets you and she can connect with you in ways that your BF never could.

12. She’s pretty much into the same things you’re into.

You’re not at opposite ends of the spectrums here. Sure, there’s a long list of your differences, but when it comes to commonalities, you’re both super compatible (like wayyyyy more than boyfriend compatible).

13. She knows how to love you. Like really love you.

She knows what makes you happy, what makes you laugh, and what absolutely drives you crazy. She knows your flaws and inconsistencies, what keeps you up at night, and your stance on the deep things, like politics and religion and pepperoni vs. sausage pizza. As your BFF, she knows what you need and honestly loves you more than anyone else in the entire world.