’13 Reasons Why’ Is Officially Renewed For A 2nd Season (So You’re Never, Ever Going To Stop Hearing About It)


13 Reasons Why is literally everywhere. The Netflix smash hit premiered on March 31st and quickly became the most talked about series of 2017…and 2017 isn’t even close to being over.

It spawned both heated critics and supporters alike, and discussions of mental health, rape, and suicide prevention were pushed to the forefront.

The show ended on a serious cliff hanger and theories as to what really happened began popping up all over.

Considering the huge success, it’s really not surprising that the show would come back for a 2nd season (*cough MONEY *cough). But Selena Gomez (an executive producer of the show) made it official on Instagram.

No matter your opinion of the series, there’s one thing we can all agree on. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.