13 Reasons Why It Totally Rocks To Be A Girl In 2016


1. It’s the age of the GIRL SQUAD.

Sisters coming together and doing it for themselves. We’ve finally realised the importance of building each other up, instead of trying to tear each other down; and we’re putting it into practice more than ever. We now compete with, and challenge, ourselves, to be better with each new day, month, and year.

2. We have so many inspirational role models.

Queens like Oprah, Malala, Emma Watson and Beyoncé, are making sure we channel our inner girl power, and don’t accept any less than we deserve in any situation. Even though they don’t know us, it feels as though they have our back, and that they’re rooting for us to become the best possible versions of ourselves, cheering us on the whole way. Their battles aren’t their own, they’re our battles too.

3. We also know some great men.

Men who realise that there shouldn’t be a hierarchy between us, and that all people deserve the same respect, the same attention, and the same opportunities as one another. Men who have, and will continue to champion us all the way.

4. We have the right to vote.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of the unlucky ones who are still waiting patiently for this justice. And I know this isn’t a new revelation, but women suffered so we would have this right, and it’s a downright slap in the face to waste it. I struggle to imagine how I would feel if I didn’t have this right, simply for being born the ‘inferior’ gender.

5. We have fewer career restrictions.

Whether it’s painting or writing, cooking or fixing cars, becoming a lawyer or even playing professional bball – anything you want to do, you can do it. It is all possible. Your grandmother will likely tell you a hugely contrasting view of her youth, compared to the endless avenues you were given access to without question.

6. Our voices will no longer be silenced or ignored.

We can all have a voice and can use that voice for good if we so choose. The world has begun to wake up and take notice of what we have to say – yes, it may take more than a few attempts on our part, but stand strong with your message, and don’t ever let anyone silence or censor you.

7. We get to be selfish.

It’s socially acceptable for us to finally be selfish for a little while. We can go after the career we’ve always dreamed of, focus on our own goals and ambitions, and our own success. We answer to no one, and we beat to the rhythm of our own drum.

8. We have time.

To explore the world, and to explore ourselves. To discover what makes us tick. Find our true passions. What each of our hearts true calling is. What we’re here for on this earth to accomplish. And every time we take a step back and think about the joy of this, it never fails to feel sweetly luxurious.

9. There is a lot less pressure to settle down.

I’m not saying the stigma of being 30 and single, without kids, has completely disappeared. But there’s now so much less pressure on us to get married off and start popping out babies, as if that’s all we were made to do. And screw those small minded people who still clutch on to these backward views.

10. We’re looking after our minds and bodies.

We’re eating healthier, we’re working out, we’re meditating, we’re indulging in manis and pedis and massages, we’re jetting off to explore exotic corners of the world on our own, we’re wearing matching lingerie – not for anyone else but ourselves, and don’t we all feel so much better for it? #ThisGirlDoes

11. We’re carving out our own paths and making our mark.

We’re in the age of social media stars. Fashion bloggers, beauty vloggers, youtube personalities, and self-made female CEOs of incredibly thriving new brands and companies that were created from zero. Women doing it for themselves; breaking the rules. There has never been an easier time to chase your dreams. There are no gatekeepers shutting us out any more. Everything is yours for the taking if you work your arse off and want it badly enough.

12. We’ve come a helluva long way from where we started.

Though there is still much farther to go in terms of true equality, we have been given access to much of the same opportunities as men have; and this is continually being debated and kept in media focus, in order to further bridge the gap. These discussions and leaps forward did not seem possible 30 years ago. You have probably witnessed a great change from when you were a child to where you find yourself standing today.
We can, and we should, have it all.

13. We no longer have to pick just one role.

And we will no longer be defined as either a career woman or a mum. We can be daughters and working girls and girlfriends and wives and mothers and homemakers and go getters. We have finally un-labelled ourselves.