’13 Reasons Why’ Season Two Finally Has A Trailer And Release Date


Spoilers ahead

Get ready, 13 Reasons Why fans! Yesterday, the Netflix Original show tweeted its first trailer and release date, and it’s coming sooner than you think. Like, real soon.


Yep, that’s right: on May 18, we’re going to know exactly what happens with Clay, Bryce, Jessica, and the rest of the gang, who are all still haunted by Hannah’s death. We already know a little bit about what to expect, but there are still plenty of question marks, and the show’s cast and crew has done a pretty great job at keeping it all under wraps. I honestly have almost no idea where this season will take us, but it’s supposedly “more hopeful” than the first one.

Which might be a good thing, considering 13 Reasons Why was met with a ton of backlash last year for it’s gritty portrayal of both rape and suicide. Apparently, Netflix knew they had to do something, because earlier this year, they released a message from the cast warning viewers of some of the more difficult topics the show covers, and what they hope to accomplish by discussing them.

But even if this season isn’t quite as dark as the last, it’s sure to be just as intense. We left off the last season with the release of Hannah’s tapes, Alex getting shot (though it’s unclear if he shot himself or someone else did), Jessica coming to terms with the fact that her boyfriend let his friend rape her, and Tyler ominously looking at a collection of photos he’d taken of the cast. There’s no way this season isn’t going to be just as gritty as the first, but maybe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel this time around, and justice will be served.