13 Sexual Milestones You’ll Hit Once You Find The Person You Belong With


1. The first time you have sex. Maybe it’s wild and exciting. Maybe it’s clumsy and awkward. You don’t know each other well yet, so there’s no telling what will happen the first time.

2. The first time you have completely comfortable sex. You used to worry about what you tasted like down there and if you shaved well enough, but now those things don’t even cross your mind. You’re just enjoying the moment.

3. The first time you make love. For the first time, instead of focusing on the way your clit feels, you focus on the way your heart feels. So instead of telling him how goddamn sexy he looks, you tell him how much you love him.

4. The first time you’re completely honest during sex. Hate the thing he’s doing with his tongue? In the past, you would try to break the news gently, but now, you tell him without sugarcoating it. You two are completely honest with each other.

5. The first time you have sex with the lights on (and still feel confident AF). You’re comfortable with each other. You don’t mind if he sees your pimple scars and cellulite. You know he loves you, “flaws” and all.

6. The first time you have sex that makes you even hornier. Your orgasm should’ve calmed your hormones down, but it only made you want him more. You’re ready for round two as soon as round one is over.

7. The first time you have truly X-rated sex. You’re comfortable with him now, so you’re going to say some pretty nasty things during dirty talk. Things that you wouldn’t want your closest friends to know about.

8. The first time you have sex you’re not really in the mood for. You could’ve said no, but you have some time to spare and might as well try for an orgasm. Of course, you’re not really into it, so you never finish. But he does, so you’re still happy.

9. The first time you really don’t give AF. You didn’t shave yet. You didn’t brush your teeth yet. But what the hell? He loves you no matter what, so you have sex anyway.

10. The first time you have sex without a condom. You’ve decided to go on the pill to avoid pregnancy, and you trust him enough to believe he won’t give you any STDs. You’re in a serious relationship, so you know he isn’t fucking anyone else.

11. The first time you act out your wildest fantasies. You usually hold back, because your kinks can be embarrassing. But you love him, so you tell him everything you want to do to him. And he lets you do it.

12. The first time you have sex as a married couple. The sex doesn’t feel different, but at the same time, it does. You’re excited to start your lives together, so every touch feels a little more intense than usual.

13. The first time you have sex to make a baby. It’s weird. For he first time in your life, you’re not fucking for the fun of it. You’re doing it to change your entire life. You’re doing it to create an actual person. It’s insanity.