13 Signs You Care About Your Dog More Than Yourself


Being a crazy dog lady myself, I understand the idea of treating your pets like children. As an actual parent, you would always put your kid before yourself, am I right? Well some people feel the same way about their dogs (ahem, fur babies.) Here are 13 signs that you care more about your dog than yourself.

1. You have no qualms about buying your dog a $50 bag of food and then ordering something off the dollar menu for yourself because you ran out of money.

2. When your dog falls asleep on you, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, you do not move under any circumstance.

3. You promised to take your dog to the park this weekend since you’ve been at work every day, but your friend has tickets to this amazing show. Guess where you’re going? Park it is. Woof.

4. You won’t buy yourself a tempurpedic mattress, but your dog has an orthopedic dog bed.

5. When you walk into Marshalls/Home Goods you make a beeline for the dog aisle. They have the cutest stuff! Your furry friend will thank you later, your wallet will not.

6. You end up spending more money on clothing for your dog than you do on your own wardrobe.

7. You make sure your dog takes his/her vitamins, but you don’t even take yours.

8. When your dog gives you the I-want-some-attention look, regardless of what you’re currently doing, you always oblige.

9. Your dog doesn’t like to walk through puddles. So you tell him/her to get over it and drag them along anyway. Just kidding, you pick your dog up and walk through the puddle.

10. You leave the TV on animal planet because your dog likes it. Bonus points if you leave it on when you’re not even home.

11. You can’t seem to make time to see your general practitioner for a physical, but your dog sees the vet for every vaccine and check up like clock work.

12. You throw a birthday party for your dog, but neglect to plan anything to celebrate your own birthday.

13. You set aside time for doggy play dates. Whether or not you enjoy the other dog owner’s company is irrelevant. Your dog likes their dog, and that’s that.