13 Signs You Are Wasting Your Life (Without Even Noticing)



1. “Spirituality refers to one’s mission as the attempt to reach illumination (a connection with the self and heart) and explore life through compassion. Well… not being able to manifest compassion could be a sign…” – Paul, 35

2. “Sleeping too much, all night and half of the day; staying all day in house and doing nothing.” – Rodica, 30

3. “You can be in the lowest financial and social state, not even homeless people waste their lives. If, even for a moment, you have the possibility to make this world a bit brighter and contribute to the mystery of life, you are not wasting anything, and need to continue to do, as everything else will fall into place.” – Radu, 31

4. “Hanging around on Facebook and reading comments, more often than being out there in the wild..” – Dirk, 27

5. “Several weeks or months with no moments that leave you awed.” – Stefan, 23

6. “When you don’t have a purpose of your life or an aim to achieve.” – Nitin, 25

7. “Having notifications activated for different apps on your phone.” – Greg, 34

8. “Boredom.” – Ariadna, 23

9. “Not getting more feels and chills than yesterday. No soul progress. Just prolonging the numbness, the fake comfort of this life.” – Daniel, 34

10.“Seeing your dreams being shattered. These day’s I don’t find any inspiration to write. Waste of all things around me, myself.” – Marigold, 26

11. “Knowing exactly what you want to do, knowing how to do it.. and something still getting in the way.” – Ina, 29

12. “I vote for boredom either. And using too much social networks as one of the consequences.” – Juliana, 30

13. “The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change.” – Rohit, 27