13 Signs You’re The Mom Of Your Group


1. When someone gets too drunk, you find yourself holding their hand as you spoon feed them little sips of water and ordering them food to settle their stomach. Your caring instincts kick in as you figure out the cab situation to take everyone home from the bar and make sure everyone drinks enough liquids before they head to bed.

2. You’re always the first to calculate cost and potential surprise financial obstacles when it comes to planning a trip. You may even take to making spreadsheets with a breakdown of how much a weekend camping trip will cost in order to make sure funds are spread around evenly.

3. You’re the first to remind your friends when it’s time to get a haircut and when their shirt is untucked.

4. You’re always the one who has aspirin, and tissues, and snacks anytime you all leave the house just in case someone gets hungry. You’re the one with the bag/ fanny pack/ purse that doubles as a traveling emergency room.

5. You revolve outings around what times the members of your group will get hangry and need to stop and eat.

6. You take lots of group pictures so that no one feels left out and everyone remembers your time out together.

7. You’re the first one to remind your friends when they’re in public and therefore should keep their rowdiness and cursing down around small children and families.

8. You tear up when one of your close friends has a great personal success like getting a job interview or getting a really incredible grade in a class they’ve been struggling with. Similarly, you cry when your friends have mini-successes like remembering to fold their shirts correctly and showing up for classes on time. You’re the biggest cheerleader and can’t help but hand out hugs in abundance.

9. You’re the one that texts all of your friends just to ask them how their day is going and if they’re feeling happy. You’re genuinely concerned with how their joy and can’t help but internalize it as part of your own.

10. You’re one of the first to step up and take initiative to plan birthday parties for all your friends and get-togethers for the holidays because you know most of all how important it is to make your friends your own little family as you slowly grow older and drift away from your own.

11. You like to be in bed by 10pm, sometimes even on the weekends, and constantly suggest a movie night at one of your group member’s apartments in lieu of going out to the club or bar.

12. You’re constantly baking for the group and cooking, “family” dinners that occur once at least once a month.

13. You keep tabs on how your friends are doing in school/ their careers and often ask them about their, “future plans.”