13 Signs You’ve Definitely Got What It Takes To Be A Life Coach


1. You just quit your job (you are unemployed).

2. You have a blog.

3. You are able to tell someone with confidence, “Dude, you only live once.”

4. You are between the ages of 25 and 35.

5. You’ve spent the last six months working on your TED (TEDx) talk for when and if you get invited to give a TEDx talk (or decide to just put together your own TEDx event).

6. You really get people (you can’t explain what that means, but you just get people) (you are unemployed).

7. You love falling in love with someone (for at least six weeks) and blogging about it (but it’s not nearly as empowering as falling out of love with that person and blogging about how you fell back in love with yourself).

8. You know how to draw circles with a dry erase marker.

9. You’ve just had it with offices and you love spending your days outside (you are unemployed).

10. You give brilliant advice (you once told a friend they should totally break up with the person they caught sleeping with someone else).

11. You know how to post quotes that appear in front of mountains on Facebook.

12. When someone tells you they want to quit their job, you know how to do that thing where you nod your head and take a deep breath like you totally understand their pain, and then respond, “It sounds like you’re telling me you want to quit your job.”

13. You just love to travel; you can’t sit still; life is a grand adventure (you are unemployed).

image – Caroline Gutman