13 Songs From 1992 You Completely Forgot About


I just saw a commercial for the latest NOW That’s What I Call Music franchise and it turns out we are on Now 89, meaning I am old as fuck. I remember the very first NOW CDs and even had a couple of them back in the day. It’s fun to rediscover music from an earlier decade, for you can laugh at all the use of denim and the teased out hair. So in the nostalgic spirit of NOW, here are 13 songs from 1992 you probably completely forgot were real.

1. “Save the Best for Last,” Vanessa Williams

Enjoy the heavenly Vanessa Williams as she saunters around her living room in a comfy sweater, lit by soft candlelight everywhere she goes, as probably also in real life.

2. “Finally,” CeCe Peniston”

Color blocking has never looked so fabulous!

3. “All 4 Love,” Color Me Badd

No man will ever be as color-coordinated as Color Me Badd.

4. “Wildside,” Marky Mark

Hi everyone, I’m black lol! Really all I want to do is talk about how fine he is in this video, literally can’t take it.

5. “People Everyday,”


6. “2 Legit 2 Quit,” Mc Hammer

If you weren’t dancing “the running man” in 1992 you weren’t real.

7. “I’m Too Sexy,” Right Said Fred



8. “Jump,” Kris Kross

“Why are my clothes on backwards, you ask? I am simply having a Kris Kross moment.”

9. “I Love Your Smile,” Shanice

This song never gets old!

10. “To Be With You,” Mr. Big


I definitely remember this video being on MTV all the time.

11. “I Can’t Dance,” Genesis


11. “Love You Right,” Euphoria

I don’t really remember this song at all but it’s great!

12. “Rhythm Is A Dancer,” SNAP!

A lot of these songs you only know from the radio and not from seeing the video.

13. “Sweat (A La La La La Long),” Inner Circle

Push it…push it some more!

If that little trip down memory lane didn’t lift your spirits you need Britney Spears.