13 Things All Gay Men Have In Common


Sometimes gay men have things in common, except when they don’t. Spooooooky.

1. They enjoy music.

2. They have parents that gave life to them. There are two of them.

3. They are known to use the restroom.

4. Periodically, they take showers.

5. They have friends and relationships with other humans. They sometimes group together with those other humans. This is what is referred to as “hanging out.”

6. They like to eat food.

7. They wear t-shirts, except when they don’t. They often wear sweaters. Sometimes they wear pants. They might be seen wearing shoes.

8. Their bodies are composed of 75% to 80% water.

9. They have skin of varying pigmentation and color.

10. Except for Anderson Cooper, they have the ability to grow facial hair.

11. They have interests.

12. They sleep.

13. They sometimes have sex with other men.

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image – JD Hancock